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    Straight Female / 22

    My mom was widowed young, when I was 15, and married Dean, a wonderful man who was a good friend of my dad. He is handsome and very straight, decent and honest. Early on, a starry eyed teen that I was, I got a terrible crush on my stepfather. I made the mistake of telling mom. She started to freak out and accused him of trying to seduce me. She badgered him so often (while he was totally innocent) that they finally split. I told her to find a good psychologist somewhere. I was really upset because I loved my new stepdad and not lusted after him in any way. He ha always been a perfect gentleman with me.

    I went on to college, graduated, got a job fairly quickly, something that surprised me, and had not talked to Dean in four years. Yesterday, I tracked him down and called him. He was happy to hear from me and invited me to dinner after I filled him in on my life. I told him that mom had remarried. I'm anxious to see him since I still love him. He's 20 years older than me and I know we are two ships passing in the night. But I keep thinking, "one never knows."

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    You seem very kind and ready.No problem seducing him if he is willing.Keep us posted.

    How is your mom treating the new step-dad? Who is badgering whom now?

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