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    Straight Female / 52

    My grand--daughter, Shala, married young but I can understand why. Tom is tall and a gorgeous hunk of manhood. After having him in our family for a year or so, everyone liked him. I felt a bit stronger about him. Last winter my husband of 40 years, Max, and I joined Shala and Tom on a dinner date. We went to my husband's club which I knew well over the years. After dinner I had three brandies, extremely unusual of me but I felt like partying a bit. Then Max and Shala went to get the car, a bit of a walk so I remained behind in the dead of winter after dark. Tom offered to stay with me. We decided to wait in the lobby so we could see the car when they returned.

    We walke into a smaller foyer sealed off from the lobby itself so fairly cold on that bitter night. I did not like the outside lamp on my face so we walked over to the darker corner of the foyer and I could still see the drive outside. We both wore heavy woolen coats but I complained about the cold and Tom hugged me tightly. Still woozy from the brandies, my arms were just hanging down, limp, and I was just going to put my gloves on when the back of my right hand brushed on Tom's cock, which seemed to be vibrating and was hard as a rock inside his pants.

    Without thinking, I took hold of Tom's cock and felt its length under his pants. I then started to apologize and Tom just hugged me a bit harder. What happened then took place so fast it was like a flash. While rubbing Tom's erection, I turned away from him so I could feel his cock, that hooked upward a bit, on my ass. I masturbated it a bit and heard him unzipping. Then, I hiked that back of my skirt up and pulled my panties aside to give him access to my vagina.

    It was dizzying and unreal but before a beat, Tom slid completely inside me and started fucking me from behind. I recall saying, "Oh Goddd, so good." I had a box of tissues in my purse and told Tom he could come in me. When he heard that he let fly and I could feel his hardness shooting inside me. His cock jerked up and down with each shot.

    Tom remained hard and started fucking me again, finally coming a second time. I just stood there, both of us in our heavy woolen coats, fully dressed, thanking Providence that we had remained alone in the foyer. We spotted the car turning into the drive and quickly unplugged and smoothed our coats. In the car on the long drive home, I slipped my hand under my coat and masturbated thinking of Tom's come inside me from two climaxes. I came, then fell asleep.

    Tom and I at first talked on the phone about our mutual astonishment but it shifted into us having phone sex and now we are planning to see each other and fuck more if we are careful. Shala would never believe what her granny has done and plans to do more of. A few years from now I won't be able to cut it. Thank God for Tom.

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    I'm the O.P. my age is 62 but it registered 52 incorrectly when I submitted the posting.
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    Are u interested in other young men?
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    OP, that's an amazing encounter. Tell us more about what you and tom look like...

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