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    Straight Female / 24

    Floating through college I graduated with a degree in Social Sciences with a minor in Social Services. The job I got was working for the Social Services department in my city in the department that dealt with teen pregnancies in the Latino community. The person in charge that I reported to is a Latino lawyer, Yolanda. Yolanda is 32 at the and she is a butch lesbian but she passes for a fem. I found it funny that a lesbian was dealing with teen pregnancies.

    I got to know some of the girls, one of the big issues is child support, but the girls don't name the fathers so that the boys don't get in trouble. Many are dealing with more than one kid and most drop out of high school. Yolanda works to get them on welfare, to get them to the food bank, to provide well baby care, and my job was to try to get them back into school or to try and get their GED.

    Everything was ok until the day that Yolanda felt me up. I was bent over picking up a paper and she ran her hand up between my legs. I snapped up and she apologized. She touched me again, this time from the front looking into my face. She told me she liked girls and that it would really be nice if I liked girls too. Her hand went over my breast and then to my face and she asked for a kiss and kissed me. While she kissed me she put her hand hard up between my legs and felt me up. All during this time I was not able to speak or take her hand away from me.

    When it was time to punch out for the day she asked me to go out with her, she wanted to show me where she lived. We went out for Italian food and she asked me if I had experienced multiple orgasms. When we were at her house she undressed me and got undressed and we got on the bed and true to her promise I had multiple orgasms.

    The next morning I didn't feel the same. I felt like I had masturbated the night before. I didn't like her touching me and I was cold to her. I went to my apartment and called in sick and didn't go to work. I called a friend of mine, Mike from college and I went over to see him and told him about what had happened with Yolanda. I told him I needed to know and if we could have sex. I gave him the longest blow job and let him go after me without any boundaries. In the end it felt better with Mike and I asked him if I could stay the weekend with him.

    My relationship with Yolanda didn't work out at work and I quit that job and went to work at a bank as a teller.

    Truthfully Yolanda wasn't the first time I had sex with another girl. I like having sex with another girl, but I guess it is more about having fun than it is about being lesbians. I suck Mike a lot right now, I guess I need to feel his cock in my mouth. I am pretty sure that I am not a lesbian and never have been. I guess I am remembering those nights in college when we got under the covers and snuggled and kissed and made out. Nobody was a lesbian, it just felt so good to cuddle up naked, make out and fall asleep.

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