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    Straight Male / 54

    Hi, I am a 54 year old straight male who loves to wear woman's lingerie around the house. Well one day I was home alone and was out by the pool just wearing some sexy lace panties sitting in a lounge chair, when I do tis I always lock the house up but this day I must have forgot to lock the door when I shut them because I fell asleep in the chair and was woken up by someone rubbing me boi clit thru my panties.

    When I opened my eyes to see what was going on, there was my father in-law kneeling down beside me, I asked him what the hek he was doing and he said I looked so cute in my panties that he just had to touch me, now to the best of my knowledge he was straight just like me. When I asked him to stop he said he would really like to put my cock in his mouth and that he wanted to suck on it, I told him that I was not into guy's and that I have never let a guy touch me, ever. He said come on all guys touch and go down on each other, I said well not me and that is when he just pilled my panty aside and stated sucking on my cock I tried to push him away but he just kept an giving me a blow job. It actually started to feel great, this was not his first time doing this and he definitely knew what he was doing, after about five minuets or so I told him he better stop or I would be Cumming in his month, he didn't stop so I just sat back and enjoyed it and shot my full load down his throat.

    That was the first and only male I have ever let touch me and now I make sure the house is all locked up when I decide to dress girly and casual

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    Ya because straight men reference their cocks as "boi clits" all the time.

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