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    Bi-Sexual Female / 26

    My husband and I just got married 2 months ago. We have been together since senior year in high school. He is the eldest and has 3 brothers and one sister. His sister Katy is 19. She is stunning. Everything about her is beautiful. I've always wanted to be alone in bed with her my fantasies are wild but I've never let them be anything but fantasies.
    I love porn, I watch a lot of girl on girl whenever I get the chance. I spend a lot of time on Chaturbate and love seeing other people cum.
    Anyway husband and I were visiting his family home one evening and when I went to use the upstairs bathroom I heard the familiar coin sound from chaturbate coming from Katys room. I listened and I heard her thanking people for tipping her! OMG she is camming in her room while I'm downstairs playing board games with 2 of her brothers and parents!!!
    I login to chaturbate in my phone and sure enough I find her cam, I saved her user name to check out later.

    A few nights later I found her online and cammed with her (I didn't show my face) but I came so hard knowing she was my sister in law and I just paid to see her masturbate on cam.
    I asked her in the chat if she'd ever cam with another girl and she said yes. Now I don't know what to do. Tell her it's me 1st or organise the meet up and show up and pretend I didn't know it was her? Or should I remain anonymous in the hope this doesn't wreck my family situation? Please help!

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    I would just tell her that you know that she is on chaturbate. and that you have been online with her. and tell her you have her user name and that you want to be with her.

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