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    It all started at the end of 2010 New Year’s Eve of 2011 when I would become a senior in high school. My dad left to work for a couple hours to turn the machines off and my mom invited he close friend of 10 years and her nephew, long story short a couple hours before my dad came home my mom was passed out drunk on the couch , I sat I front of her after I covered her with a large blanket not know Lynn’s nephew Matt would sit next to her(mom) and unbutton her pants from underneath the blanket. The only reason I noticed is because my mom even tho unconscious started to rub my left thigh due to Matt finger fucking her I was buzzed and didn’t really get why she was rubbing me but she got closer to my cock and soon enough she made me Rock Hard. After a few strokes through my pants I busted soaking my boxers and pants in my cum. I leaned back to lie down near her and that’s when I looked over and saw him still rubbing her clit. His aunty Lynn called for him, after he took off to the back yard with everyone else I felt guilty but wanted to take a look at how far he got into her she was wearing white panties and completely soaked through. She did not react when I took a look I wanted to taste and touch her myself but I heard someone coming so I threw the blanket over the both of us and I went behind her to act if I was sleeping to or hoping they wouldn’t notice me since everyone was already drunk. It ended up being Matt back for seconds and as he took his seat he reached underneath and spread my moms legs to finger bang her once again. Her moans her low when he started again not knowing what she was reaching for in her drunken slump her hand found its way to my zipper after pulling my mushroom tip out she squeezed it, the previous ejaculation was covering her even the new Precum that was Leaking out. She ended up with rubbing every drop from the top of her pussy through her taint and sliding it through the crack of her ass. Now a few years later I use her panties and brah to masterbate every chance I get.

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    After that moment I’ve stolen 2 pairs of my moms panties for masturbation purposes the only way for me to have a good climax to to view her pics while hearing women moan on porn videos
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    I don't believe a fucking word of this. I can't even imagine a sleeping beauty, and drunk is going to do all you claim.

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