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    Straight Female / 31

    The cute guy in the cubicle next to me is going through a divorce. We've worked next to each other for nearly two years now, so I'm overhearing some of his phone calls and it seems pretty much a done deal.

    My dream, turning into a regular fantasy and ruining a couple pairs of panties, is to go to his house, get naked in his marriage bed and wait for him to come home. When he gets us to me, I would throw the covers back and show him everything. Of course I'd be soaking wet, have orgasmed dozens of times, and be ready to go wild on him. I'd say "I'm your wife now. Get over here and take it."

    And then you can pretty much figure it out from there. And I would just stay, that's it. He's mine and we live our best life, just like that. I've even fantasized about her trying to get him back and telling her the same thing. It's so empowering to me, getting a finders-keepers husband like that. It's so not me, either. When it creeps up on me at work I have to try really hard not to masturbate at my desk. I have jilled one or two out in our staff bathroom and once in my car in the parking lot over this.

    I know where he lives thanks to us carpooling together eight months ago. I want to do this. It makes my girl ache when I think about it! Should I do it?

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