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    Straight Female / 35

    My father was an itinerant preacher, so we moved around quite a bit. When I was in my mid teens we lived in a small town. I had a bedroom upstairs and my window gave to the house next door. The man that lived there would stand at the window and look over and I would stand and look back at him. One day he looked at me and held his hands to his chest and it took me a while to understand that he wanted to look at my boobs. I took my shirt and bra off and stood there and followed him as he turned to one side and then the other and cupped my boobs for him. He motioned like he wanted to suck them, and he opened his pants and held his penis in his hand.

    The next day when I got home after school he was standing at the window again, and he undid his pants and masturbated and got his man stuff on the window. He cleaned it off with his Tshirt and made the motion of fucking and pointed to me. I took my shirt off again and let him look at my boobs. The next day he called me over so I went next door and he let me in.

    He fucked me on the couch in the den. He was unemployed and we fucked at his house. He really liked my boobs, and he liked that I sit on him and ride him while he played with my boobs. We had other sex, we had plenty of time in the afternoon to play around. We moved after school was out for the summer and I didn't have another boyfriend to have sex with until I was in the twelfth grade. I have always gotten a lot of comments about being open with sex, I like backing into a man's lap and letting myself down on it. There are other things I learned with my neighbor, some are not so nice for a preacher's daughter to admit to.

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    This preacher's son wishes he had known you back then. So sexy!
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