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    I come from a large family, we were seven kids. There were boys and there were girls. From the earliest age we had different responsibilities or duties. As girls we were taught to take care of the house and our younger siblings. My brothers were taught to take care of us, and to take care of the car and the outside. Both my brothers were taught how to cook, but it was not their responsibility to cook. We were taught how to change a tire, and how to mow the lawn but it was not our responsibility to change the tire or mow the lawn.

    We were taught very early on, like age seven, that the girls were going to have babies. We got sex education in the form of personal responsibility. Only one man was allowed to have access to your middle parts. One man, your husband. It was precious and you didn't hand it around. The day I walked down the isle my mother talked to me, it was a reminder that I was marching off to set up a new home and my duties included having kids. I had been raised, and taken care of for that one duty. There is no longer a public send off to go forth and multiply, my mother made sure I got the message.

    I studied and got an M.D., so I was late to the party when it came to fulfilling my responsibility. I was 32. I have tried to catch up. Fortunately in our family all the women were healthy and we have been fruitful, not as much as our mother, but together we make a bunch. Every pregnancy is celebrated and every baby is welcomed. If there is one message for our daughters, is that life begets life and they carry that gift. We want these girls to grow up witnessing all the new life that we can deliver.

    Being a forty year old mom with four kids, the youngest is nine months old, is a hard. My younger sister who is a stay at home mom is my Godsend, but I am burdening her with looking after mine. She has her children, she takes mine in, she is a wonderful mother and I could not ask for a better person to help me with mine. We pay for the nanny that helps her out, she pretty much runs a day care between hers and mine.

    I studied medicine and I felt empowered with knowledge, but it wasn't until I was blessed with my kids that I fully understood the gift of life. I wish sometimes that I had my kids earlier, maybe not studied something so intense, I could be my sister, running a home. I would be just as happy. My husband can be the doctor, I want to stay home and take care of my kids. But we have these huge loans that have to paid off. So my baby sister steps in for me and is the stay at home mom.

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    Get the fuck out of here. Cant you read?

    "Disclaimer: This website contains sexual content and is intended for adult audiences only."

    Where in the fuck is the sex in your "confession"?
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    To quote the great Colonel Potter, "Are you going anywhere with this or are you just grazin'??"

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