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    Straight Male / 52

    When I was a teenager I was into drinking and no wonder there was always boose in the house and I don't think anyone cared if some of it was gone.
    One afternoon in the summer it was hot and I put on my swim suit and went and laid by the pool. Mom came home from work at 4 and put on her suit and came out to the pool with a drink. She finish that one and told me to go get her
    another so I did she drank that one right down and said I have had shitty day get me some more.
    I told her that drinking that fast in the sun would make her drunk before supper. She said if you don't get me one I will go get it myself and she did. I lay there for a while and she didn't come back so I got up and went into the house and jumped into the shower and wrapped a towel around me and went into my bedroom. Mom was laying on my bed with a drink and said have a drink with me. I said not right now I haven't had any thing to eat. She said neither have I just drink. I said Mom you have had enough and she replied I know when I have had enough.
    I left the room and she yelled get back in here i'm not though talking. So I went back into the room and laid down on the bed beside her she put her arm around me and said she loved me. I told her that was the boose talking not her, she said no honest I love you more that anything or anyone. We lay there on the bed and she untied the top of her suit and it came loose and just lay on her breasts, she said do you think that I am beautiful? I told her she was the most beautiful woman that I had ever seen. She moved to the side and her top revealed her left tit it was milky with a light brown nipple she didn't try to cover it just left it out of the cup. I hugged her and the other tit be came exposed she didn't seem to worry. Now I am not sure how this all keep going on, but I took her top and through it on the floor and started kissing her breasts. She didn't try to stop me she just let me suck her nipples first one then the other I was getting a hard-on and she knew it, because I was pushing it into her side. Slow down big boy she said and reached down and moved my cock to a different spot. Something came over me I want to have sex with her that had never happened before she was my Mom what was I thinking. Well I wasn't thinking I reached down and grabbed hold of the bottom of her suit and began pulling it off her she screamed OMG what are you doing i'm your Mother you can't do this to me. She had a hairy pussy and the hair was very dark brown, but the hair on her head was light brown. I climbed up on her and put my head between her legs and started eating her c**t she didn't open her legs at first, but as I keep lapping her hairy slit she opened them up. I had never eaten pussy before, but I loved it I not only lap it I sucked the flesh and stuck my tongue inside of her I had lost touch with everything, but her crack I was in love with eating her and she didn't try to stop me I think I heard her say eat me, eat my pussy. I stopped eating her and got on top and my cock wet right inside her. Her c**t was bigger that my cock she had a big hole, but it still felt good she said stop, please don't fuck your Mother. It was to late to think about stopping I kept driving my cock into her and I knew all I wanted to do was come and I did and it felt good.
    We lay there on the bed for quite a while and she said eat my pussy, eat me now. You know a funny thing happens when you get your rocks off the last thing you think about is eating the pussy you just fucked.
    Mom never mention that day to me, but she knew what I had done, she knew that she was my first fuck.

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    Sad you both stopped.
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    Tell us more.
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    I love to eat a hairy pussy, i'd like to eat your mom.

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