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    Watching my wife having sex with a stranger.
    Over the 15 years we have been married my wife has mentioned on 5 or 6 occasions that she was disappointed she never had a one night stand. So I wasnât surprised when a couple of weeks ago she told me that as she was turning 40 this year she was worried she was getting too old to live out her fantasy. Caroline is very attractive and her arse and tits still pass the pencil test, so I told her she had many years left where all men would be very keen and that I was happy for her to go for it. I half jokingly said âit would be great if I could watchâ but got no response. We had even better than usual sex that night and after we finished Caroline casually said âI suppose I could bring him home and you could hide in the wardrobeâ. Our wardrobe has louvre doors so I would be able to get a decent look.
    Last weekend we sent the kids off to their grandparents and planned our Saturday night. Caroline dressed sexily but not too much, she didnât want to look like a slut and left for a bar in the city at about 6pm.
    Her plan was to tell any guy who tried to pick her up she was waiting for a friend, but if he seemed her type would text her friend (me) to find out where she was. I would reply something had come up and Caroline would take it from there. Later she told me that as soon as she got the reply from her âfriendâ she turned to the guy and said âitâs your lucky night, my friend has cancelled and my husband is away so letâs go back to my placeâ. Caroline told me the look on his face was as if heâd just won the lottery!
    I looked out the window with excitement and eventually a cab pulled up and as soon as I saw caroline headed for the wardrobe.
    I had to wait about 20 minutes but finally they came in. Caroline turned the radio on (in case I made a noise) and told the guy to wait while she went to the bathroom. He just sat on the edge of the bed and looked around. He appeared to be late 40âs and a little overweight but had a nice face. Caroline later told me his looks gave her more confidence as it had been nearly 20 years since anyone but me had seen her naked. While she in the bathroom I got a text from her that read âIâm glad youâre watching otherwise I donât think Iâd go through with it, Iâm as horny as hell. Enjoy the show!
    She came out of the bathroom in heels, a g string and bra, I could see the look on the guys face and I think he was in heaven. Caroline then asked him to stand up so could help him take off his pants. While she undid his belt and pulled down his trousers he took his shirt off ina hurried fashion. She then pulled his undies down and started licking them sucking his cock, I didnât have a great view which was disappointing but after a few minutes my luck changed. Caroline had the guy lye on the bed and got on all fours to continue sucking his cock. He was moaning and inside so was I. I had a great view of her arse and bald pussy and then she started fingering herself! After a few more minutes she climbed on top of him and slid his cock up her pussy. Watching he bounce on his cock was great but I wished I could see her face and then, as if on command she turned around and straddled him revere cowgirl! Now I was in heaven. She was looking straight at me with a cock up her pussy and she even leant back and stuck two fingers inside, she came almost immediately. Shortly after the guy came inside her and she even squatted for a moment to let some of his cum run out of her pussy.
    Almost immediately after that I sent (as previously planned) he a text. She told the guy it was her husband and he was coming home tonight not tomorrow as planned. She said how disappointed she was as she was enjoying herself but that he had better go.
    After he left we had fantastic sex, it was kind of erotic fucking my wife with another manâs come in her and I said if she ever wanted to have a second one night stand I was definitely up for it, so to speak.

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