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    Bi-Sexual Male / 30

    Fucked my first arsehole at the age of fourteen (Just, I was very nearly fifteen). He was a relativly young (42) stand in teacher who made it perfectly clear, he enjoyed boys with large cocks. My dick measured nearly eight inches then, it now measure just over nine and a half.
    Sucking me off first in the corridor behind the gym, he then invited me into the showers where I lost my virginity, fucking him like a madman.
    The second piece of arse I had was a fellow student. His sister was all over me for weeks and I was going to fuck her, only she really kept on saying we should wait until she was sixteen. Instead her brother and I got it on in her bedroom one afternoon. I fucked him as he screamed into her pillow when she took a bath. A few weeks later I did fuck her, but she was no where near as good a fuck as her brother, and by then I was screwing him every chance I got.
    It was an older man who I next had a five month sexual affair with. I was sixteen by then and he lived across the street from my parents home. His wife was so frigid he practically begged me one evening to fuck him, just so he could have some form of sex. It was an amazing night and he taught me lots about slowing down my sexual energy. In essence he really taught me how to fuck a guys arsehole for real. I also had my first threesome with him and another young guy I knew back then.
    By the time I was twenty, I'd fucked over thirty different men, mostly from a cruising spot near the beach we lived close to. I'd also begun a long term affair with a married woman, someone who literally couldn't get enough of my cock fucking her mouth, pussy and arsehole. Her husband was disabled, so when she wanted sex, she'd walk their dogs and we'd meet up, or even when he slept from his meds, I'd nip into their home and fuck the dirty bitch.
    Everything changed for me when I met my wife at the age of twenty four. She blew me away with her looks, charm and her extremely sexual attitude. It was as though we were meant to be a couple.
    Six years I've known her, four years married to her and not once in those years had I seen a picture of, let alone met her father. Then in March this year, he re-appeared in her life after a very bitter divorce from her mother. We met in a restaurant and I instantly knew him.
    My old relief teacher now fifty eight years old, but still incredibly fit looking stared back at me and we winked at each other. More as if to say I know you, than in any other way. Yet my cock stirred and I saw him later on looking at my crotch.
    Nothing happened for a while as they got back to having some kind of relationship, yet I felt all along he wanted me sexually. Then last month as he visited our home, my wife had no choice but to go into work. He basically walked into the lounge after going to the loo, naked. His cock was erect and he simply said "I'd love you to fuck me, again.".
    Over the next two hours I had some of, if not the best sex of my entire life.
    We did everything sexually gay you can imagine and then some. The ony thing we didn't do was scat, but I did piss on him, I did abuse his mouth and arsehole and I did cum deep inside of him three times. Once down his throat forcing him to take my load, and then twice up his willing eager arse, as he almost grovelled for me to unload up his gorgeous cum dump.
    And so it has been since then, with us fucking at every opportunity. I know we shouldn't be fucking, but he is going back over to New Zealand shortly, and I won't see him until this time next year. It should hopefully give the chance to get back on track with his daughter, but I know for sure, I'm going to miss him and his wonderful ways.

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