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  • — Revenge —
    Straight Female / 36

    Before I left work today, I had Ryan an office junior (He's nineteen) lick out my pussy and arse, then had him fuck me over the leather couch I have in my office. He as usual came inside of my pussy, then fed me his cum coated cock to suck clean. I climaxed four times in total, yet it wasn't be my last orgasm today.
    When I got home, I immediately as I have many times this past three months, had my husband go down on me, lick my pussy and arsehole and then I sat on his face, fucking it and him until I came.
    He can no longer fuck me after his accident, and had I not found out about his infidelity with his confession in the hospital three months ago, his might still be the only cock to screw me. But he did confess to having his secretary suck him off a few times. And now he gets to taste my office juniors cum two to three times a week.
    Revenge is such a bitch, but then so am I.

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