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    I was sixteen and had spent the night at my grandma’s house. My cousin, Lisa, who was fifteen stayed the night too. I slept on the couch and woke up the next morning watching tv with a blanket over me. I slept in just my underwear. Grandma was up and working on some paperwork at the table in the living room. Lisa walked down from the upstairs in a nightie. She went to the other end of the couch and got under the blanket and watched tv with me.

    Lisa got hot, so she threw off the blanket. I glanced down and could see her hairy pussy. Guess she saw my face and realized what I was seeing. She reached down and spread her pussy lips and just smiled. She thought it was funny and soon was rubbing her pussy and inserting a few fingers. I was going crazy watching her. She pointed at my crotch and made a motion for me to jack off. I looked back to make sure grandma was getting up then I pulled the blanket down and showed Lisa my hard cock and started jacking off. We were both watching each other masturbate.

    As a kid, you think you are being sneaky, but in reality adults know you are up to something. That was what happened in this case. Grandma kept noticing we were looking back at her. Grandma finally said she was going upstairs to shower. We heard her go up the stairs and soon heard water running. I pulled my underwear off and Lisa took off her nightie. She was laying there nude running her pussy and her big tits. I was excited and she motioned for me to cum on her. I willingly complied. There I was with cum still dripping out of my dick, Lisa with cum all over her and nude. Since grandma suspected something, she had come back downstairs and walked in when we were like that. There was no hiding what happened.

    After we both showered, grandma sat us down. I was in tears fearful she was going to tell on us and I was going to be in a world of trouble. She calmed me down and said she should tell on us, but... I was expecting her to tell us never to be alone with each other or something like that. Instead she handed us a few condoms and explained how to use one and the possibilities if we didn’t use a condom. That night was amazing. Lisa and I slept in the spare bedroom together. We fucked about three times. That was the beginning of a sexual relationship that continues to this day.

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    When me and my siblings and cousins were kids we weren’t allowed to wear clothes to bed and we all had to share a big bed with about 15 naked people. So naturally when we got older we all started to fuck there was four boys and the rest girls and we all were fucking every night. When our parents found out they gave us some condoms. I love fucking my two step sisters the most so I got them pregnant along with my first cousin. A couple of the girls got hooked on pussy cause there was never enough cock. Now we’re older and I live with my two sisters and cousin where we still fuck.
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    Ur grandma is fucking awesome!!!

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