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    Gay Male / 44

    My story is about crossing over. I was divorced, living in a an apartment complex, nursing my ruined life. The guy next door said hello when we ran into each other and one day he stopped and asked my name and introduced himself. He was a medical sales rep, around fifty, and he was assigned to open up the territory in our city. We said hello and such and one day he asked if I needed company.

    He was a life long gay man. He wasn't pushy, just insistent. He was alone I was alone so why not become friends. He was open about being gay. He knew I was divorced from a fifteen year marriage. One night, he came over almost every night, he said why not let him suck me. That I could probably use a good blow job. I got my first guy blow job on my second hand couch. He knew what to do, and he wouldn't stop until he got me to come. He said that after a good blow job it was customary to give a kiss.

    He didn't leave that night, once you start you have to go all in. Get naked, a full body massage, feel a hard dick against your leg, hold a hard dick in your hand, suck a hard dick. Sucking him was more than ever thought I would do. He offered to help me go all in, but he saw me hesitate and told me that would wait for another night. Right then I needed to get used his dick and having him handle my dick. At night, just to try, he got on my back and humped me.

    I tried to avoid him the next day, but he came over late and said that a relationship had to be cemented and he wanted to give me another blow job, and he needed for me to hold his dick. That night he said was the night, he came prepared, he had the tube and he said we could go bare or if I felt I needed it he would use a condom. But he wanted bare, it just felt better.

    That it felt good it felt good. He used his lube and he kept it slow and easy, he gave me time to adjust. He liked to fuck, said he always had, since he was a kid. He had taken it several times, mostly in the heat of the moment, but he was the guy on top. He told me this was also about roles, someone had to be the wife. It would really be nice if I had something planned for dinner, we could go out, or I could have something for him when he got back from work. And he wanted a kiss, always a kiss, show him I was happy to see him.

    We went out, to gay bars and clubs, to gay restaurants, held hands, he kissed me in public, mostly he said for me to get used to the fact that he was going to kiss me and I was going to kiss him back. We had sex a lot, two three times a week. He gave me the tube and told me to be ready, he shouldn't have to get me dressed up, I should be ready for him.

    I don't know if I was always gay, or for that matter if I am truly gay. I am definitely in the zone, I am definitely the one that looks after things in the house, he likes that his shirts are home ironed, why take them to the cleaners if I can iron them for him. We live together in a townhouse, he makes much more money than I do, and most of what I make goes for child support. Coming out to my kids and ex wife was not as hard as I imagined. My ex wife claims that she always knew.

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    You have some weird ideas about being gay, starting with the "crossing over" one.

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