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    Straight Male / 29

    In work a fortnight ago a very pretty slim older woman calls in to book a last minute trip to Greece. When I asked her about if anyone travelling with her, she replied "I'm doing a Shirley Valentine".
    Not trying to sound too forward, I said "If you were my Mrs I'd be making sure you didn't need to go". It was an off the cuff remark, but she answered by asking me if I was married. when I told her I was, she replied "Pity I could do with a fuck right now".
    It was nearing closing time, so I told my colleague she could go early and that I'd close up. As soon as she left I nodded towards the rear of the shop and into the back room. Five minutes later I was stripped almost naked and had my cock rammed down the woman's throat. Ten minutes later we were in a sixty nine on the carpet and I was licking and sucking on the biggest clit I'd ever seen.
    Then agreeing we should make it a one off, she went cock crazy. I swear I fucked her mouth, pussy and arsehole like I'd never fucked anyone before and she was sooooo fucking horny. I'm not sure how many different positions we got into, both vaginally and anally but we did some I'd never even thought of before.
    Cumming in her arse, as she told me to do once she'd orgasmed for the fourth time, I finally pulled out of her and sank down exhausted. She wasn't finished though and made me lay flat, then squatted over my face forcing me to eat out her pussy and arsehole, eating out my own cum in the process. Climaxing twice more, she told me she had to go to get her daughters tea ready, then as if it was a normal every day thing, she kissed me hard and said "See you when I get back honey, you were great".
    She's back in two days time. I've already had a few texts off her. Some normal ones about booking a different place later in the year. But also ones of her posing naked, sliding two fingers up her pussy, and telling me she needs a damn good fucking when she gets home.
    I'm not kidding, she's much much fitter and far dirtier than my wife has ever been and if I'm honest, she's also a much better fuck too. I know I shouldn't be cheating on my wife, but then Mrs Valentine is a great lay.

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    Are you sure she didn't do something in Greece?

    How about posting her picture here? I like older women too.

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