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    Bi-Sexual Male / 35

    I never would've believed it when I was twenty. I'd have scoffed if you'd told me I was going to end up as one of those guys who likes other guys' cocks. That was impossible. Straight people couldn't be turned gay, and I was clearly straight (naked men had no effect whatsoever on my dick and trying to think of them sexually grossed me out). You were born gay or you weren't, and I obviously wasn't. I was so hot for women it hurt.

    I'm still hot for women, but I have to admit that my dick mostly prefers men. It's my own damn fault too. Back in my twenties, the supposedly absurd idea of turning gay was the stuff of horror but also the stuff of erotica for me. I would've been mortified to find my dick swelling for the well hung studs flanking me in the locker room shower, but at the same time, part of me kind of wanted that to happen. The idea was so naughty, it turned me on. Enough, in fact, to prompt me to deliberately jack off to cock pictures, repeatedly, even though they were totally unarousing in themselves. I was trying to like dick, and I was thrilled by the naughtiness of doing something gay and by the even greater naughtiness of wanting to be gay -- even as I was insulated by the sure knowledge that this was all just a silly masochistic fantasy because it was impossible for a straight man to develop a sexual attraction to other men.

    Turns out it wasn't impossible.

    I'm still not attracted to men in the same body-and-soul way that I'm attracted to women, so I wouldn't call myself gay. But sexually speaking, as measured by what gets my dick hard and my balls brewing and my cum bursting out of me, I'm actually more attracted to male bodies than female bodies, most days of the week. Certainly, penises have become the sexiest body part of either gender, hands down. Funny thing is, I still remember not even being able to imagine how a penis could be sexy, back when I started jacking off while looking at them. And now I can't imagine how any human being could not find them sexy. A gorgeous cock is so fucking delectable!

    So be careful what you wish for, as they say. I've become the men from the erotic stories I read years ago: a straight guy who winds up intensely aroused by other men's bodies and can't help it, and who ends up so turned on by cock that he doesn't even really want to go back to being content with boring old pussy. The plus side to my bisexuality is that it's like I'm 16 again: I can get an erection whenever I want without even touching my dick just by thinking lascivious thoughts of a well hung bodybuilder.

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    P.S. from OP -

    The downside, though, is too much like in those 'silly' erotic stories: I see women so beautiful they make my whole being ache, and I long for them so deeply, and I think I want to fuck them, but actually I don't feel that stirring in my groin anymore. Then I catch a glimpse of some dude's love sausage and I don't want it to happen but I feel my dick springing to a hungry erection anyway and I can't deny my desire to massage that guy's penis with the inside of my mouth!
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    If I didn't know better, I would think that I wrote your confession. It is unbelievable how similar our circumstances are in many aspects. Thanks for sharing. It is nice to see that I am not such an oddball.

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