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    Bi-Sexual Male / 20

    I have this fetish for peeing myself. I can't go out and buy proper diapers, so I made my own out of a trash bag, and some old children pull-ups I found around my house. I then drank a lot of water, and waited. I decided doing the dishes would be a good way to distract myself (so I would pee naturally) and get the process in motion, so-to-speak.
    I was about half way through when the dam broke. It felt sooo good to stand there and pee myself. I finished the dishes, but my bladder wasn't done yet. I had to take off my drenched makeshift diaper. Instead of running to the toilet, I just kneeled down, and let it out on the tiled floor. I had surrendered to all my passions. I was home alone, so i began cleaning it up. However I got another urge, and relieved myself for the final time on the floor. I loved the feeling of being naughty as the pee rushed out and splattered the floor. The puddle was substantial.
    My cock was now throbbing, so I decided to complete my mess with some cum. It only took 30 seconds of stroking to get me to orgasm into the puddle of pee. It was one my my best orgasms because it felt so naughty.
    I will need to be sentenced to a good spanking to pay for my actions.

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    FINALLY SOMEONE WHO GETS IT! I'm glad im not alone! Thank you random stranger.

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