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    Straight Female / 25

    my cousin has fucked around and I think she has done porn and I have seen some and her face has been masked up using all the technology, that is how they have all that money and she might continue doing that as well in a smaller village. but I just rejected my cousins and relatives offer out because they are just users who only talk about themselves and she is all so "OH EVERYONE SAYS LOOK HOW FAST SHE HAS MOVED ON" LIKE SHE IS SO CLEVER AND SKILLED AT LIFE, but she isn't. it could come back to haunt her and she jump from the fat into a pot and then bon fire. I hate being around them. I hate that she is such a false fake friendly fake happy person and few people have the balls to call her out for what she is, a user and . its all shits and bubbles and she loves herself big time but underneath the storms are brewing and I can see past her fakeness and cover now. she is not a nice person and she has cheated and she plotted all along to hurt everyone around her so it has to come back to her a million fold and no one will be there for her cuz she has never been there for anyone else. her kids are disgusting and its only gonna get worse with dadda pette molling the threesomes and that will kick her one ballout I hope to see. she the devils dog anyway. it has to happen to her. it just has to happen knowing the family genes and personalities. it has to be the only way it goes. sex basting!

    she has a daughter that is violent and I think she will be having sex young and she will be having daddy sex with her real father and also her step father. I am certain that is the game plan. my relatives are winners from doing bad. that is all they know in life. goodness is not in their game. kindness is not in their world or given to me without a price. my cousin is a backstabbing bitch who was going around bad mouthing me and saying lies about me and I guess it must have worked. I just wonder when that guilt will hit her right.

    also, she was fucking around having affairs on her husband several times and I am sure of it. she was planning this move ages ago and the dam was right about that. I would love to be a fly on the wall and hear there real confessions and dirt because there is more there then we know. Its all plastered over smooth right now for the chameleon game that will go down between step father and daughters behind or with mother and these kids know how to use their pussy and shake it to get everything they want in this world cuz mother and grandmother does.

    yes grandmother still buys them alcohol at clubs and I wish she would get caught for it. I know that sounds mean but its not. I think grandmother needs a good kick up her asshole and all she does is steal others limelight and chase men young enough to be her son and she is a spoilt lying scamming man killer. everything is bedroom romp and does she love herself and she can do more then tap that thang like all of them. I think a lot of tapping that thang will be going down and I for one want to see them fall down and be a bystander like they are so mean to me. they steal men from girls and cheat everywhere so i think they have it coming to them. they have done so much bad. they give bad a new wrap like its a winner to be bad cuz all they do is win from their bad. that don't seem fair. I never do. so why should there be one rule for them and not for me as well?

    all this has to happen in time it will. it just has to pete out this way.

    my cousin has had lesbian experencies and more threesome and interacial and I think she is pregnant now with baby 3 cuz if she isn't now she will be soon and that will open the door for step parent sex and then daddy sex on vacation. I think she will video it as well. that is how they roll. play rough and die hard and dirty.that is so in today. no wonder I am a wowser. hope to see them all fall down. nasty of me but then they wanted that from me and they got it. so its their turn now to fall down.

    they are sexy and they know it type chicks and yet they are not really that sexy at all. is what I am saying.

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    Sounds like you are jealous because your life sucks.

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