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    Bi-Sexual Male / 52

    I am happily married for almost thirty years to the mother of three great kids, two boys in college and a young daughter at home. We've enjoyed a loving successful marriage and have done well for ourselves. I have hidden a big secret from her the whole time. When I travel for business I spend most evenings in some strange hotel room on my knees dressed as woman with a cock sliding down my throat. I love to dress in sexy lingerie and ride big hard married cocks the most because if I really like his cock I let him fuck me bareback. I have a small frame and with a wig and the miracle of makeup I'm reasonably passable. But when I'm out shopping or to dinner I am quite turned on when people take a second look at me and wonder. Single guys are weird, married guys are the best and so grateful for a good blow job. I started keeping a journal a couple years after I became a cum slut. In the last twelve years I have sucked cock on one hundred and forty-two occasions. Thirty-eight times with two men at the same time. And one unbelievable sixteen hours when I sucked and got fucked by five different guys. I have been fucked in the ass a hundred and four times by twenty different men, half bareback. Mostly one night stands, a couple threesomes, a five-man gang bang, two extended and one long-term relationship. I love my wife and kids and I adore being a girl.

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