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    Gay Male / 20

    I had sex with a homeless girl
    Few months ago my friend D (not revealing any names, so facebook wont do any good) and I went to a party. We were to return and have a sleep over, and K's dad gave us his car. D drove as he had a driving licenses, and I being 20 then had to wait one more year. Anyway on our way to the party and the party itself was normal. I had a really good time dancing with the girls and drinking stuffs I am not supposed to drink. Then on our way back, the car fuel ran low and we had to stop at a gas station. By then it was 2 AM and the gas station was in a place such that that it was empty except us, the workers and 5-6 more cars. I was a cool moonlight breezy night, so I got out of the car telling D I was going for a short walk and told him to wait for me. He wanted to come too but had to watch over the car. That is when it happened:

    I walked quite far from the gas station to an empty park. I stopped walking to look at the moon and feeling the cool breeze. Then a voice behind me made me jump! I turned around to see a beautiful blond haired lady in her mid 20s wearing torn shirt and torn jeans asking me for money, the fact which made me realize she was a homeless. The moonlight on her face magnified her beauty. I stopped there unmoving as my penis stiffened on the sight of her on those torn shirt and jeans. I approached her, looking at her eyes. She backed away slightly, but kept asking for money saying she was really hungry. I grabbed her in a hug, and she tried to break free (a fact that confirmed me that she was no prostitute, but a poor but beautiful homeless girl). Eventually she gave in and we kissed. But she told me that I must get her something to eat before we can proceed any further. I told her to wait, went back to the gas station which had a small stall of foods, bought some food, told D to leave without me (he wanted to know what the deal was, I told him I would tell when we see each other next), and went back to the park. She was standing there waiting, and I handed her the food. She ate, and once she finished, she hugged me herself and I hugged her back and we collapsed on the park bench. You can guess what happened next, cause I am not writing a porn novel but a true incident! It was my first time and it was the most wonderful experience I had to this very date (I didnt have sex again since, but hopping to do in the future). We went at it all the way till sunlight and boy was the sound of her moaning sweeter than the sound of any bird. After getting done, we dressed back quickly before people started coming to the park, and my wet penis was hurting mad. I gave her a large sum of money and with one final kiss we said goodbye. Believe me or not, all these really happened. I love the idea of meeting her again, but that place is far from my place and I only drive through (I got my own driving licenses now) that place when I have a destination requiring me to go through there. Anyways I am not the type of guy who wants to restrict himself to one girl so for me its move on, and have a new gf anyway (shes a virgin, and I am planning to do it with her when we get closer). But if I do ever meet her again, I wont resist myself from opening her jeans at first chance! anyway now I am self confessed gay

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