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    Bi-Sexual Female / 28

    Iâve had two sex dreams involving the same unattainable guy this week... I so badly want to live them out. Itâll never happen, but if I wasnât in a relationship... if he wasnât in a relationship... and if he wasnât my boss... Iâd try it on in a heartbeat.

    The latest dream was incredibly arousing. It began simply enough; having a casual chat about self pleasure - as we all do with our employers... right? ;)

    It lead into a discussion about nipples - which by the way, Iâm obsessed with. If thereâs a nipple available for me to touch... iâm in!

    In the dream, he exposed a nipple and dared me to do my worst. Instantly I was leaning over and lapping at it. Did I mention I love nipples?


    Long dream cut short, it went as far as his face in my crotch and me moaning loudly and writhing around like crazy. I woke to my hand down my soaked panties as I flicked my bean myself... hanging onto that dream with all that I had.

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