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    Straight Female / 24

    Growing up, I was a different child. I was aware of the sexual parts of my body long before other girls were. I got myself off by rubbing my clit before the age of 8. I didn't know what it was or what it did, I just knew it felt really good.
    Well, I lost my virginity at 15. And I knew that again, I wasn't normal because I had always heard my friends talking about how it had hurt so badly their first time.
    It didn't hurt me at all. The guy didn't have much experience and was average in size, but he didn't last long and so I was left wanting more. I started trying to find things to masturbate with that resembled a penis (I didn't have a job yet, because to have a job I needed a car- I lived in the country- so it wasn't like I could go buy a dildo without my parents knowing what I had done).
    I started looking up pictures to masturbate to. One thing I always loved, was watching a beautiful cock shoot stream after stream of come. More specifically, a fat, uncut cock. I've always wanted to feel one fucking me from behind and eventually filling my pussy. I absolutely LOVE rough sex, the hair pulling, the ass slapping, feeling a man's balls slapping against my clit or ass as he's pounding me hard and deep, biting/kissing/sucking on my nipples, neck, and whatever else they can get their mouth on.
    I'm now 24, married, and feel like a terrible wife. I love my husband more than life itself, and I would hate myself if I ever hurt him. But I have tried multiple approaches with our sex life, and nothing seems to work with him. I've tried being dominant, submissive, different types of lingerie, dancing for him, letting him tie me up and make me beg, I've tried getting him to have sex in the car or outside (he doesn't want any part of that- he's afraid we'll be caught, even if we're in the midfle of nowhere). It's always super vanilla sex, he always has to be in control (even though he doesn't do much) and we always have to finish in the same position, because if we don't he can't come. He's never gotten off from a hand job or a blow job (which is funny, because I've never had an issue with those things before, if you know what I mean). He also doesn't really like foreplay.
    My dream of finding and taking a fat uncut cock has taken hold of me now more than ever, because of the lack of spice in the bedroom I can only assume. I don't want to hurt him, but I also don't know how to resist this desire when it's trying so hard to pull me into its grasp. I've tried everything I know to try, save for counseling, and he refuses to do that too.
    I can only hope I can continue to resist my moments of weakness. There seem to be a lot of big, uncut cocks around the southern indiana area.

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    Talk to him .Don't rock your marriage and let fantasies remain at that stage only.
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    Sexual compatibility is one of four elements of a successful marriage. There's nothing wrong with you or your husband, you're both just different. Your differences are too great for your marriage to survive, especially since your husband is unwilling to see a counselor.
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    If sucking uncut peckers be sure to check out underneath the foreskin where a thick, cheesy residue can often be found, one of the reasons for snipping, simple hygiene.

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