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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 24

    Last month myself and a sexual friend of mine attended a party for couples who indulge in all kinds of sexual activity. We go basically to fuck either the wives or if they're into it, the men. I'm not too fussy which sex I fuck and I have no complaints with my nine inch cock from either sex.
    last month I entered a bedroom hoping to fuck a really attracive older owman, but she was already taking two married guys cocks, so I moved on and opened another bedroom door to a couple who were making out. They invited me in once they saw my cock (Sorry everyone was naked by then) and over the following half an hour or so, I ended having both of them suck me off, and then I fucked the guys asshole over and over again as his wife looked on and masturbated.
    Leaving them to sixty nine I knew they were drunk, and thought nothing of it as I got involved with a slut I've fucked once before with my friend.
    Two weeks ago I started a new job and almost immediately was introduced to the company owner. It only turns out, my new boss is the very same older man who I fucked at the party. He didn't remember me at all, but later on when his wife arrived, she did. Nothing had been said to me up until last Friday, and then he called me into his office.
    He's only gone and asked me if I'll go on a weekend away with him and his wife. That's because he said he'd love me to fuck him and this time his wife again.
    He was I will admit, a good fuck. But should I really be fucking the boss, and his wife ???

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