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    Straight Female / 39

    I have never cheated before and im not sure if I can again , but last year I went to india with my husband and two teenage sons and we stayed in a hotel in cochin Kerala after a week of eating out and enjoying ourselves I went to have an aryvedic massage which entailed being massaged by feet from a young man employing a bar which he hung onto above the floor .

    it was heaven and even though the room was a little grubby the darkness and incense mixed with the exoticness in general made me feel horny , the masseur was thin but muscular and smelled amazing he started by rubbing scented oils all over my body and it felt so intimate to be touched by a man that wasn't my husband ! even though I kept my bikini on I could feel my c**t flooding and my nipples getting hard .
    after he had finished we talked about the treatment and he told me about a gee massage or butter massage for women which helps fertility ect. when I got back to my hotel I attacked my husband and we fucked like rabbits ,I felt guilty that i was so aroused by my masseur that afterwards my husband suggested the massage may have relaxed me and triggered the hot sex and suggested I have another one !

    A few days later I found myself back at the place agreeing to the butter massage ,this time he used his hands and poured melted butter or ghee on my stomach he rubbed it in to my legs arms and neck and then to my horror and excitement removed my bikini top so as not to spoil it he said he then proceeded to massage my breasts in a circular motion my nipples stood to attention ,I felt nervous and wasn't sure if he was taking advantage but decided to surrender to the experience .

    After ten minutes of this my breathing was hard to steady then he moved down to my calfs and thighs and then turned me over on my front pulling my bikini bottoms off and rubbed my buttocks in a circular motion which pulled my c**t up and down . he then spread my legs apart a little to massage my inner thighs causing my c**t to rub against the massage bed i felt so hot i could smell my own aroma emanating from that area .

    i wanted relief so badly ! that night when i got back we had a repeat performance of steamy fucking , afterwards I felt guilty again , almost like I had cheated , my husband asked me if i had felt sexy being vulnerable on the massage bed , I told him no as I have never entertained the Idea of another man since our marriage but I knew I was longing for more and hoped the masseur would go further secretly !

    on our last day of vacation I went for another section at ten at night ,this time the masseur was talkative and relaxed and asked lots of personal questions he suggested we go for a drink on the beach first as I was leaving so we walked along the beach both feeling a little awkward , he told me he was married and couldn't be seen with a woman so suggested we walk to the next beach , away from the lights we crossed a stream and it was dark he suddenly kissed me and pulled me into the palms he was clumsy and shy but I let him pull my dress over my head and we lay on it in the sand I was in a state of shock but couldn't resist he soon had me naked and was between my legs lapping like a dog it took about ten seconds too have a shuddering orgasm .
    I felt so guilty but did nothing to stop him stripping and mounting me I pretended I was being r**ed and it wasn't in my control he wasn't experienced and pounded away on top of me sand getting everywhere but I could feel another orgasm building he bit my lips and nipples sending me to heaven and I came again .
    after a rest we got up to go but he was hard again and pushed into me from behind i got on my hands and knees and he went at me furiously taking longer this time , again I came like a freight train when I felt his hot sperm shoot into me as his legs shook with the effort .

    After we hurriedly got dressed and made our way back to the massage room but I told him I had to cancel and go back now as my husband would be missing me , we parted with hardly a word and my heart was pounding as i went to our hotel room , my husband asked why i was disheveled and I lied saying I had run back along the edge of the sea and was out of breath , with heart pounding I striped my cum filled bikini bottoms off in the shower and was just trying to rinse some of the cum out of my c**t when my husband climbed in to the shower , and feeling how slippery I was down there shoved his eager cock into me from behind , i groaned and came quickly thinking about how bad I had been ! wow those massages make you horny said my husband ! If he only knew !

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    Be careful,lady.Quite a few women have been r**ed like this and marriages broken.These men lie to get a white woman and can also transmit a variety of diseases.

    Ideally,a woman should be given massage by a woman(.Please refer to ads featuring such treatment in 5 star hotels in India) and that's meant to avoid such incidents.It's another matter you enjoyed.Now one has to see if he has g*fted you, for free, anything nasty.

    When you didn't object to being massaged by a man,he must have gauged that you are easy.

    Please be careful.Many cases of m****tation/r**es in Goa and Kerala are in the media these days.
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    There is always a temptation to get into a surreptitious relationship,however transitory,like this.
    I hope there wasn't any infra-red enabled camera in that shabby massage room.

    Never let these creeps touch you.Get some better person to fulfill fantasy or desire.
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    Wow the hyprocisy in the comment section is nauseating. All you tiny dick cucks are jealous that she had WILLING sex with that guy and enjoyed it. While you sit in your basement and shag off. Tell me again who's the creep now? The guy who had a short steamy affair or the creep that gets off reading confessions here lol
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    #3 Please read the 2 comments which are very relevant. There is no moral correction or policing attempted.

    There is no jealousy. Both are cautionary replies since these things are happening there.Some women have been murdered there. Some of those men do get obsessed with these women and don't let them go back to their home countries.

    It's better ,as #2 has advised,to get better class of variety should one desire to enjoy and not these low life men.It's very dangerous.

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