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    Straight Female / 31

    at the hook up

    my dad can't understand why I am still hurt over a guy I liked who was set loose in the neighborhood for chicks to bash and fight each other over and how he ended up fucking teens and mother threesomes on trampolines for a few months. all in all it was about 6-9months of shit while his wife was pregnant and he was scoonering every on heat bitch in the hood.

    we now call our neighbors house the "the hook up" joint. its a brothel. and you can see where they have spent the money on around their house as well. I think they killed a man and took his money to get a carried away with myself or maybe they were also doing illegal transplants of organs. there was so much crazy stuff going on there. I swear they set a ghost over here one night. they conjure up spirits for sexual and money gain without a doubt there was a scam crowd going down. we were not part of it. yeh, I am still hurting over and always will. once again like always I was rejected for a teen and her old grannypiler asswhore mother AI doesn't just mean artificial intelligence it also means ANAL INCONTINENCE. how do you think that makes me feel and to think I have murderers and sex maniacs getting a pay roll for prostitution while I am suffering poverty and loneliness. I should go bad. really I should. but I need a few conspirators.

    so the soap opera goes on, at least I can hold my head up not like these scanky whore hoedowns rodeo sluts.

    at the hook up he was a show girl,
    With yellow feathers in her asshair and a dress cut down to there
    She would bang bang and do the choppa sex change
    And while she tried to tot the thang
    Bogging always bending bars
    Across the pussypole floor, they fucked from eight til four
    They were young and they old had fucked others
    Who could ask for more?
    At the hook kockup (co) hookup club sausage or banana dicks
    The hottest spot north of bumbay (here)
    At the hook hockup (co) hookup club
    spusick and pashin were always the mashin
    At the hockup hook up they fell in bum

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