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    I was once laying on a friends bed, he had gone out and i was going to finish a movie and let myself out. Shortly after he left, his older and fatter sister walk in. She wasted no time walking up to me, pulling me to the corner of the bed, peeling her sweaty clothes off and sitting right on my face. Her bush parted as she squatted and she smeared her pussy all over my face. After a good 20 seconds she lifted up a little and i was gasping for air. She was so wet that i was choking on her juices as they flowed freely into my nose and mouth. She landed with a hard plop again on my face and started grinding again. 5'8 and 280lbs vs 5'6 and 130 meant i wasn't going anywhere.

    After 5 or 10mins, my eyes were caked shut and i could only breathe out of one nostril. Every breath i took was chased by another mouthful of her cum. Then she started to bounce on my face, every landing sounded like a wet slap. I could feel her cum stretching from my face to her pussy hair.

    Suddenly she sat on my and would not budge. My face slipped deep into her folds and i couldn't breathe. My lungs were burning and i was passing out and she stood at the last minute. She smacked my chest and told me if i wanted to breathe, i would have to lick her until she came. At first i was horrified, but considering my position and my options i didn't have much of a choice. That and she had already sat back down on my face and i couldn't breathe.

    My tongue darted out and looked for her clit. I was greeted by the tangy taste of her pussy, mixed with the saltiness of her sweat. When i did start working her clit, she stopped bouncing and leaned forward. My nose was just outside of her pussy and i was breathing up until my actions on her clit caused her to get even wetter. I could feel her juices pooling under my eyes and around my nose. I did the only thing i could do, i took a deep snort and inhaled all of the cum around my nose. It hit the back of my throat and i trembled at the thought of having just swallowed a bunch of her cum.

    My trembles and moans only served to make her wetter. the thought of a guy literally choking and drowning on her cum made her even wetter. I could feel her laughing to herself as my breathing becomes louder and wetter. Finally she says she's ready to cum, pulls her clit from my mouth and starts working it with her finger. I'm now sticking my tongue in her pussy, i can feel the cum coating my tongue. My nose is near her asshole and i'm just trying to stay alive as she suddenly cums.

    She moans and screams and as she twitches, her pussy squirts into my mouth. Pinned against her, my mouth quickly fills and i'm left with no choice but to swallow. She goes limp on top of me, her cum still dripping onto my face. After about 5mins of her drifting in and out of sleep, she coughs. Her cough caused her to start squirting again, only this was saltier. Her uncontrollable laughter above me made me realized, she wasn't squirting into my mouth again. This time she was pissing.

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    Squirting and pissing are virtually the same. Women have nothing but urine to squirt.

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