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    Bi-Sexual Female / 22

    This all started when I was 14. I was in my first committed relationship, had been with my lad for about a year and a half (which is quite a long time at that age) and we had discussed that we were ready to give each other our virginities. Obviously, we'd done stuff before, like I had given him head, and he fingered me, but we had never had sex.

    Due to my mum being strict and a stay-at-home druggie, and his parents working, we decided to do it at his place. I went and got myself some birth control and condoms, and after waiting the mandatory week for the birth control to become effective, we decided to have sex.

    We were in the process of foreplay when his brother and his friend, who were both about 19 or so, walked in. Those two were tough and dominant whereas my boyfriend was the opposite. They bullied him because he wasn't tough and outgoing like them.

    Upon seeing what we were doing, they decided they wanted a piece of me themselves, and the elder brother's friend grabbed my boyfriend and held him back whilst my boyfriend's brother got undressed and join me in bed. He was more impressive than my boyfriend, boasting about inches while my boyfriend had six. I, at 14, was about 5'2", slim body with an impressive ass for that age and 32D breasts. The elder brother liked those. He played with my boobs, sucking my nipples, pinching and twisting them whilst biting my neck, making me flood down there.

    He then went down and ate my pussy, and I came about six times in ten minures, he was fantastic. Then, he wanted me to suck him. I couldn't fit much in my mouth as it was long and I hadn't numbed my gag reflex yet. He began taunting my boyfriend, and asked me if I was on birth control. I was so horny, and replied yes.

    He laid me on my back, legs spread, and mounted me while his brother was forced to watch. He lasted about twenty minutes, doing me in three different positions, and I came about eight times. He finished by busting up inside me while back in missionary, with my legs wrapped around his quite ripped body. As he filled me up and for a couple of minutes after, he laid on top of me, still inside me, holding me, kissing me softly, and playing with my hair. I fell for him right there, as his seed and dick were still inside me, with him holding me in his muscular arms and kissing me.

    When he got off, he and his friend made my boyfriend eat the creampie. They laid him down and I was told to squat over him and let the seed fall into his mouth. My heart had switched allegiances, and I did it.

    On the spot, the elder brother asked me to be his girlfriend, and I said yes. We knew it wasn't socially acceptable, so we told my now ex that he would still pretend we were together, but that when I was at his house, I was to spend my time with his brother until their parents got home, to which point he'd see me home. My boyfriend promised him occasional head from myself, and honestly I was willing to do anything he said. I was his completely, I was obsessed and completely submissive for him.

    While we are all white, with myself being more tanned than the other two, my new boyfriend's friend was black, with Nigerian immigrant parents. My new boyfriend asked me if his friend could have me. I told him that whatever he wanted, I'd do. So I ended up in bed with his friend.

    It's true what they say about black guys. At 19, this boy was 11 inches long and about as thick as my wrist. It started off with me sucking him, getting about 4 inches in, and then because I was already drenched, he slipped right in. My vagina hurt at first, but when it had relaxed, it had stretched so much that I found taking him quite pleasureable. He lasted about 45 minutes, in missionary, doggy, I tried riding him but couldn't manage, and when I laid down on my front with my legs shut and he fucking me there. That was hard, I was so tight. When he was close he asked my boyfriend where to finish, to which he replied "fill her up", and oh boy did he do that. I felt at least twelve spurts of hot, thick, vast quantitites of seed and it honestly filled me to the brim. Again, my ex ate it out of me.

    Down the years, my boyfriend shared me with about 40 guys and 8 women. None of them quite hit the lust spark like he did though. We split up when i was 19 as he had fallen in love with someone hisn own age. I never fell out of love with him. No matter how many guys I fucked, or dated, I never fell for anyone else. I still hook up with him fairly regularly, any time, any place. He's still my best fuck due to the lust that I have for him.

    So I guess my confession is that I'm still in love with him, and have never been able to be faithful to anyone since as I cheat on them with him, his friend from my first encounter, and plenty more black guys who I've found that are well hung.

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    I suggest you make an appointment with a psychiatrist, at 14 you let yourself be r**ed by two men and enjoyed it! You say you were a virgin and yet were unharmed and instantly in love. I hope this is fantasy but if not I truly feel sorry for you.
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    Absolute bullshit from the letter T to the last period.
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    you shouldn't feel bad about any of this

    i hope you find happiness and satisfaction

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