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    Straight Male / 24

    Question for you married guys out there.

    I'm a twenty four year old geeky games loving dweeb, who enjoys nothing more than beating my online opponents to pieces. I also enjoy being on a site which brings like minded adults together for sex. More to the point, I enjoy meeting up with often very attractive married women, who's husband don't have or don't know how to fuck their wives.

    I might be a dweeb, but I've always had an athletic body and a huge cock. And it's my profile page that attracts the married women to contact me for sex. I've got quite a few pictures of me in various states of arousal, but most showing off my nine and half inch manhood.

    I'm very frank with the women, telling them it's only sex I'm after and not a relationship. I also tell them I like the sex to be rough and for them to be able to give everything up for me. Other than one married forty something, who's asshole couldn't take my cock, I've now met up with and fucked over twenty different married women. Some I meet weekly for sex, others have been just a few times and more still one off's.

    The ones I meet weekly, I meet at a motel, book two hours and have a great time giving them what their husbands won't or can't give them. Each one of them is a complete whore when I'm fucking them and give up their mouths, pussy's and assholes.

    One of the married women did become too attached and wanted more from me, but I told her she'd better realize I only wanted her for her fantastic body and her dirty ways. Her response was "I'll divorce my husband and you can fuck me anyway you want". Her husband just so happens to be a divorce lawyer. She and I still fuck, but she's backed off somewhat and now I only fuck her outdoors as away of satisfying her kink.

    I'm not unusual from what I've now found out. there are lots of married men who can't satisfy their wives. So my question to those and other men is "Why did you marry your wife knowing you were incapable of keeping her happy sexually".

    I know most men don't have a cock my size, but believe me when I say this, the women I've fucked and are fucking weren't looking for a guy with large cock like mine, most if not all were looking for guy who'd fuck them, full stop. You married your wives, you don't own them and you don't have the right withhold their enjoyment of sex either. So guys, get your wives back in the bedroom or wherever they want fucking, and fuck them. Fuck their mouths, fuck their pussy's and if they want it, fuck their gorgeous tight assholes too.

    Either that or someone like me will fuck them for you.

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    Whatâs the name of the website you use?
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    Yea the 9" cock has nothing to do with it- bullshit. Also, women are the ones that usually become trapped in their ways, socially "conscious" of what the neighbors might think and are the ones to cut off sex.
    Marriage for most guys is about love, relationship stability and getting regular sex--- then you get married and it changes.
    Good - bad - ugly.... That's what it's about. So enjoy life without marriage while you can... You will just end up like the rest of us one day!
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    You are either a troll or you are completely clueless as to how things work after marriage.
    It almost always the woman who either directly or indirectly shuts down the sex after marriage.
    You see, most women view men as a means-to-an-end.
    Once they start getting the possessions and the money from a man then they run off looking for that fwb kind of fun they refuse to give their husbands because the husband has been mired down in working his ass off for the woman he married.
    Its not that men stop fucking their wives, its that she wont throw her pussy at her husband like she will some stranger. Yes, I know men cheat too.
    Men and women get married for entirely different reasons. Most men just give up after awhile because once the rings go on, women want to change the rules about sex or at least try to.
    You are obviously too young to understand anything other than the length of your dong. Sure, you know how to fuck. Anyone can learn that.
    You have a lot to learn about women, young man.
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    i agree with the above replies. youre not here to ask legit questions just to spout off about how many women you are banging.

    the women who look outside their marriages for a quick fuck on the side are not the ones i'd want to be married to anyway, you can have them.

    otherwise when youre married and your wife tells you after a year or two (assuming your size bs is true) "your cock is too big, it hurts so we cant fuck anymore" and you arent getting any...


    you arent married and you are spending christmas alone...

    then you can give us married guys advice.

    good luck with your whores. lol.
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    Hey Dweeb,Please share with us the website/blog/forum where you meet these women.Thanks in anticipation.
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    To those above saying it's the women who shut down sex after marriage:
    Im married 17 years together 24 (42yo) my husband and I fuck roughly 10 times/ week. Im often the initiator. All my married friends complain their husbands don't bang them enough. I think men need to stop blaming women and start learning how to eat pussy!!! Wake the hell up! Women LOVE fucking. They don't, however love to just lay there while their husbands get off and they get nothing. Talk to each other. Be honest about what gets you hot. Then fuck like mad. I hope we're still fucking like this at 85!!

    Marriages aren't the same year in and year out. We've always had good sex chemistry but when our kids were smaller we were probably down to 3 times a week. Just keep talking through it. Oh and i don't care how big posters dick is, if he can't eat pussy he's nothing.
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    #6 I agree totally.
    Women lose interest only if the man is not satisfying them or is a bore.I am happy you have spoken up and not abstained from commenting for fear of being called a nymphomaniac.Most men feel threatened by a woman who expresses her desires.
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    #6 you are the exception not the norm. i would do anything my wife wants, she knows that. and any time we do it she gets her share of multiple o's before i get mine.

    yes there are women and men out there that lose interest, it happens with the same partner over the years. thats why if its important then people will do things to spice it up.

    also health and physical issues, kid issues, work issues, stress all comes into play.

    the point is, there are alternatives than running out and start fucking others outside of your marriage. and that applies to both sexes.
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    Ok I'm sorry but I really want to know what these women are like. Are they like churchy, la di da women, are they trailer trash methheads what. I'm really curious why so many married women fuck strangers lol I crave my husband's dick daily. Plus they don't know where that penis has been ewwww what is wrong with these women
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    #6 I do agree with one thing you said, talk to each other about what you want.

    I've seen it before, a partner will not tell their spouse the other things they want but tell a total stranger, wtf is up with that??? People arent mind readers. If you want to change things up, talk about it.

    The ones who dont try to work it out, just dont like what their spouse is or isnt doing, but go out and fuck some random person dont deserve a good spouse.

    If you want to go fuck around, get a fucking divorce!!! Why should you get all the benefits from your spouse of a home, family, money, and not work on the sex life?!?!

    Sex and intimacy is the glue that holds marriages together. If you go give it to someone else and you havent tried to work things out with your spouse beforehand you might as well leave...

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