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    Bi-Sexual Female / 26

    My husband is very horny and he gets really excited when I tease him by talking dirty to him including other people in our stories. So we made a tumblr account and I made a friend cld James on tumblr with whom I used to do dirty talks. He used to share his pics and kinky stuff he used to do with his girlfriend. He also gave me sex advice lot of times which was quite useful. I also shared with him few of my pics to tease my husband, and seeing all the chats my husband used to get very excited and fuck me very wildly whenever I used to do any naughty things with James. It was all virtual fun so no complications. One day James asked me to do video chat with him, he wanted to show me how his gf rides him. I got convinced to do the video chat because I thought I'll learn few tricks from them and might be fun. We started the video chat, they both showed their face but I didn't show mine as that was my condition to agree for the vc. Jame's girlfriend Emma started stripping her kinky lingerie in front of me. I got so excited by seeing her sexy curves, tight ass and perky cute nipples. Then they both got fully naked and James tied Emma's hands with handcuffs. He started using ice all over her body and started kissing her everywhere. Then he started doing very wild things with her body. He gave very very wild love bites to her, spanked her so badly that I could feel the pain. Seeing all that I got so excited and wet, that I also stripped and started using my dildo and showed them how wet I was. He fucked her in front of me and came inside her ass. Everything was so exciting but then I got scared and felt guilty. If I would have done this with my husband, it would have been so much better. Now I didn't know how he would react, whether he will get angry and upset. I didn't want to take any risk so I made it look like I had a fight with James on Tumblr. My husband still asks me why I don't chat with him as it was so much of fun and every time when I ignore his questions, I feel so bad. I wish I could have waited for my husband to come and then have this vc. I wish I can tell him everything and he would say let's compete with them on vc :p.

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    You should tell him, he already knew that it was sexual between the 2 of you, not to mention you showed him pics. Tell him and compete on a VC!

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