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    Bi-Sexual Female / 21

    Me and my boyfriend are very kinky individuals. We also have very high sex drives so weâre almost always horny and fucking each other. We love having group sex too. One of my kinks is getting fucked by multiple people at the same time, and he knows how much that turns me on. So whenever all of his friends come over I always get excited because they always end up taking turns fucking me. Itâs the biggest turn on ever. He also likes to bring home girls who do the same thing, though of course they give him lots of attention too. He just likes to see me fucked by anyone because he knows itâs my biggest turn on.

    Before him I used to watch a lot of porn just to get off. I still do sometimes, if heâs at work and not around to fuck me. But I have such a high sex drive that porn and masturbation only make me hornier and donât get me off the way I need. Thatâs mostly why we got together. I wanted a guy who would fuck me often and he wanted a girl that likes being fucked. We work so well together.

    Itâs been a year and weâve done nothing but fuck like rabbits, and to be honest itâs the best relationship Iâve been in. In the past I dated guys, and girls, that wanted to take things slow or didnât enjoy sex as much. With him, it took an hour of us chatting in a bar before we hightailed it to his car to fuck because he claimed that just me sitting there was turning him on. Thatâs when I knew he was the one.

    Sex is the most important part of our lives, and we love exploring. Not just in the bedroom either. In the kitchen, living room, the guest room, out in the backyard, in the shower, in the car, weâve done it everywhere in the house. Sometimes we even try to get out in public because exhibitionism is a huge kink for both of us, especially me. I love that fear of being caught in a dressing room with him, or just people watching us put on our little show in general. It makes me feel like Iâm in a porno, and itâs an amazing feeling. I love being watched.

    Even just thinking about it turns me on. Too bad my guy is at work now. But he did say he was bringing a friend tonight, so Iâve been pretty excited all day. Iâve been playing, got my biggest vibrator and just went to town all morning after he left but itâs not enough. I hope whatever friend he brings gives me several long, hard fuckings. Iâll need it after the way my boyfriend teased me and got me hot and bothered before he left this morning.

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    Mmmmmm my kinda girl, I love group sex situations and would love a girlfriend like you, watching you being fucked and receiving pleasure

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