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    Straight Female / 24

    My best friend from high school stayed with me. I lived with three other girls, so she stayed in my room and slept with me in my bed. We went on a trip to Europe, we shared a room and a bed. I moved to Queens, I got an efficiency apartment, she moved to New York and we live together.

    How many days, months, do we have to live together, sleep together, be together before we have to come out? We will be living together one year on July 4th. How do we know we are the real thing? How do we know we are not just really good friends who love being together? How do you tell your mom you are not interested in meeting any more 'nice' guys?

    We 'fondle', cuddle, kiss, but she is scared of making a mistake. How do we know we are in love?

    I am putting straight, but I only have butterflies for her.

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    Aw, honey. The only mistake you could make is not trying. It would be sad if you were trapped in a relationship where you weren't sexually attracted to your partner. Follow your heart and body. That is worth a try, and their is no one better to try it with than a trusted friend. If you only have butterflies for her, that is a good sign. Ask her when you two are alone next time, if doing something together, whether its sex or a date, would be worth a shot. You two could help each other figure your bodies and hearts out, and maybe something more will blossom.
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    I would say that you are a lesbian, whether your girlfriend is or not only time will tell. If she lets you eat her pussy it is a fair guess that she is a lesbian too, if she eats your pussy there is certainty that she is a lesbian. Shave, clean up and offer her your pussy, its the only way to know for sure.
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    Be calm, watch the old golfer. He plays it as it lays.

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