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    Bi-Sexual Female / 24

    Well this is a question that bothers me, am I normal.

    I am in a boy/girl relationship with a guy at work. I live with my roommate who is a girl. We just don't live together, we sleep together, we spoon, cuddle, horse around, we trade off playing boy on top, we shower together, we kiss, make out, have breast play when we are watching tv, we write love notes, texts, we kiss so much, she has nice breasts and she cuddles my face in her breasts, I can't resist sucking her nipples and we have lots of oral sex, especially after we take a bath. We are not new to this, we have been messing around since we were in the fifth grade. We stared having oral sex in the fifth grade.

    All through high school, college and now we have had boy friends. Neither one of us a virgin and we both suck cock.

    All said and done this is my problem. I can't see myself living with a guy and not living with her. My current boy friend can't understand why he can't spend the night at my apartment. I am not going to sleep with him, I can't. He can fuck me, I like being fucked. But I don't like sleeping with a guy. I only like sleeping with my roommate. I have never slept with a guy, a little nap after sex, but then I go home to sleep in our bed. Guys are not welcome in our apartment.

    If all the guys in the world dropped dead we would continue to live happily ever after. This is not a put down on guys, but boy/girl sex is good, but nothing is better than being with her and no one can kiss like her. I fuck with a guy, but I make love with her. I can tell a guy I like him, but I tell her I love her. She doesn't see guys right now, she is not in the mood. She wants to buy a house and adopt a kid or have one ourselves. I vote for having one ourselves, why adopt if we can make one of our own.

    We are young, 24, but we have been together for so long it feels like we are older.

    I want my boyfriend to understand that she is first, always will be. He can fill me and I will be a good girlfriend, but I am not going to live with him or sleep overnight with him. I miss him when I don't see him, I like going out, but then I am going home and he can't come in.

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    I think this is so beautiful and I feel so much for your needs to keep this special girlfriend so close! He should honestly know his place. And just accept your lifestyle if he wants to fuck you xoxo I'm always zucked out @@ Nick Edgeland... if you want to discuss any of this further! Feel free. I'm just wanking myself to your story x

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