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    Straight Male / 38

    For months after watching porn portraying it, I tried to convince my wife to engage in a threesome, or even a mini gang bang with two other guys I knew wanted to fuck her.
    She resisted for some time saying if I loved her, I wouldn't ask. Then only a couple of months ago, she did an about turn telling me I should arrange for the two men to call by and have sex with her. It was out of the blue as I tonguing her pussy and asshole.

    On a Friday night, both of the men I had in mind turned up and my wife and they immediately stripped and got straight into a long period of oral sex. Both men who are a little younger than both my wife and I, are more well endowed than me. And both men went about using my wife like a common whore.

    After they'd had her gagging on their cocks for some time, they took turns fucking her pussy and ass. It went well beyond what I'd imagined, yet my wife got more and more into having them fuck her harder and harder.
    I'd just begun to say something about me feeling uncomfortable about them double fucking her, when my wife told me to "shut the fuck up" then added "Go and toss yourself off downstairs if you're going to moan".
    Her voice and her assertiveness, gave my already hard cock a twitch, and that was it, I came.

    Over the next hour or so I then watched as both men came in or over my wife twice. And I watched every thrust, every lustful orgasm she had and listened to her total enthusiasm for being used as a slut.
    When the men left, I saw my wife kiss them both passionately and also invite them round again whenever they wanted her. I protested, but again I was told to "Shut the fuck up".

    And so it has been over the past couple of months. Sometimes both guys turn up and spend an evening fucking my wife. But mostly they turn up at all times on their own, providing my wife what she now craves. And that's younger men with larger cocks giving her a damn good hard fucking.
    At the start of all this I was a more than willing partner. Now I'm an observer to my wife's sexual desires. And I've only got myself to blame for opening Pandora's box. In other words, be careful what you wish for,because you might just get it.

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    Even if this is a fantasy,it's perilous.You have lost your wife to them for good.Cuckold.

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