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    Straight Male / 33

    I have a secret obsession with my ex wifes sister. I fantasize about her everyday and have hundreds of pictures of her. She's incredibly sexy, but in a dorky kind of way. She has a real thin waist and a fat round ass and she's always wearing see through yoga pants and a thong.

    It all started when she came swimming to our house years ago when we were still married and she changed her clothes in our bedroom. I went in afterwards to change as well as they were already outside in the pool and she left this soaking wet black thong laying gusset up, on the bed all by itself. As soon as i noticed it i got instantly hard. You people know what had to happen after that. I picked that thong up so fast and inhaled the scent of that pussy so fast. My cock was rock hard and dripping pre cum without me even touching it. I licked up all her pussy juice and began shooting the biggest load ever as i swirled it around in my mouth. It's like she was soaking them panties on purpose so she could leave them for me. Ever since then I've sniffed her panties hundreds of times after that and she makes me hard Everytime i see her. Anybody else have fantasies about an in law like that. There's nothing i wouldn't do with her.

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    I want to literally r**e my wifes sister, she has always hated me and treated me like a piece of dog shit. She is hot as hell and thinks the world should bow at her feet and that she is to pretty for any man who dont make at least 100k a year.

    I would love to tear that bitch up, to record it and play it at a private party for all the guys she has teased and treated like dog shit who was not worthy to breath the same air as her.
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    I fantasize about fucking my father in law. He is so god damn sexy. I would love for him to walk in on my husband and I fucking and just basically say, "move out of the way and let me show you how to fuck a lady properly". Makes me squirt every time.

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