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    The other morning I woke up and my boxers were full of cum coming out of both sides and my arsehole hurting still. Iâve always been curious about having a encounter with another man but it happened when I was asleep so I have no recollection of it

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    so were you drunk? or did it happen by someone you know, like boys being boys in the locker room gaming or some men do this as humilation while others do it as love or just mancave play rough and tumble partying, but be careful with it. girls do this shit too, they one time grab me and were gonna shoved things up my butt and it was not nice they pulled my panties down and they all laughed and luckily it stopped when someone came to the door of the tree house at a slumber party. was it a violation situation? was it a ghost? or did you shove something up there? maybe go to the doctor incase any trance for dna or it can be a sign of bowel diseases and cancers or ibs. I had this with incubus ghost attacks and I swear by that as a girl virgin.

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