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    Straight Male / 40

    Long story short.

    When I was 21 me and my wife experimented in swinging with a friend and his new girlfriend. There was no issue because my friend wanted to sleep with my wife for a long time and his new girlfriend was everything my lustful heart wanted.

    Anyways one night his girlfriend came over and got playful and we ended up fucking hardcore. Well now there divorced, and I am remarried. but here is the reason for the confession.

    My new wife got drunk on her bachelorette party and slept with a guy, not just any guy but someone that I totally hate and she apparently enjoyed herself. I find this out and confront her she tells me to just drop it because it happens almost 11 years ago.

    I cant, she dont want to talk about it or even apologize to me about it. So I told my friend and he suggested I get even and well since I gave her one last chance to talk to me about it and she refuses she is going to be in for a surprise.

    Im going to get her wasted, tie her ass to the bed and ask her again to explain why it is ok to fuck another man when she is suppose to be solely mine. When she refuses to explain herself I will let my friend in the room and explain since she thinks it is okay to sleep around with me then here is someone who wants to sleep with her.

    As he starts fucking her I will leave the divorce papers I am having drafted up on the dresser and let him play with her all night if he wants to. he will make her drink alcohol during the fuck session to keep her hydrated and thus making his story that she got really drunk and wanted sex with him more believable especially since I can prove our first child is of another man that she slept with on the night before our wedding......

    Le t her sit in that for a while...

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    You're a total fucking idiot. Just divorce her - if she dropped her knickers at her bachelorette she's an idiot too.

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