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    Straight Male / 30

    After many years of trying, I've finally found my true sexuality. I'm not gay, or bi but I'm not what everyone else calls straight. I am finally in a loving and nurturing relationship with Emily, a pretty 26 year old who was also confused about her sex life. Em has confessed to me that she has been with both men and women, and was never truly happy with either. I've only dated women, although I didn't actually begin having sex until I was 19, late by todays standard.
    Em and I enjoy a female led sexual lifestyle. In public, with family or friends, we are a standard couple. Hand holding, kissing and dancing like any other couple. Behind closed doors, I am hers.

    Sex is when and how she wants with little input from me. I am not forced to do anything I don't want to do, but I am only there to please her physically and emotionally. Please, remove the idea that I'm a wimp licking her feet as she fucks someone else. Far from it. But, when she is pegging me hard and deep her 5'1" frame is in total control of my 6'2" body. The role reversal in the bedroom is fully my perfect dream and Emily's too.

    Without details, our sex life does include pegging, bondage, whipping, wax and role-play. Cum kissing, cum feeding and queening are the norm. Being tied to the bed, as she handcuffs my cock, puts clothespins on my nipples and balls as I tongue her ass as she masturbates gets me off to the point I can almost cum without stimulation.

    Emil y's bedroom wardrobe includes corsets, strap ons, feel-do's and more. I love servicing her pussy and ass. I have had to lick her dry after her shower. She finds new and strange ways to torture me with my full endorsement. In our bedroom are 2 hooks above either side of the bed with hanging flower baskets. She has tied me to the bed with my testicles tied with clothesline and dr**ed the string over the hooks with the baskets hanging from them. The pain is exquisite, and her dancing in nothing more than a wet tank top causes my erection to move the plants as I try to cum. She'll sit in the chair and finger herself or use a vibrator, knowing I can not reach my cock .

    Last week, she had me get on all fours, but a suction cup dildo to the bed frame and had me fuck my own ass as she got in front of my and had me suck her "cock". As she tried to get me to deep throat it, ( I gagged) she pulled my hair and told me what a worthless cum slut I was. When the cum dribbled out of me, she had me lick it up off the hardwood floor. When I was in the shower afterwards, she was on her hands and knees cleaning the floor. When I got out of the shower, I promptly ate her ass for all I was worth until she was dripping and I was hard again. I fucked her ass until I came and laid on the floor so she could drip back into my mouth.

    This lifestyle is not the normal male / female sex life, but I adore it and love Emily. Emily constantly swears that this is the first time she has ever been happy in a relationship. and I think we can both live with that!

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    Whatever floats your boat I guess. Next sheâs gonna have you wearing dresses and being fucked by her bbc stud. Just sayin
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    Has she mentioned locking you in chastity? You're living my dream sir. Does she have a friend with the same attitude about sex and men?
    You are a VERY lucky person....
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    to OP complements. Sounds Great.
    Wait until she has your nipples pierced. Fantastic for hard nipple play. Also had my cock Pierced [ frenum] Had A wild Lady friend like yours some years ago. Did Most all of what you said

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