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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 53

    In the seventh grade a new boy came to school. It was a small school in West Virginia and we had class in the same room every hour. The way we were seated, alphabetically down the isles he sat beside me. He talked to me, talked to me in class, talked to me at recess, talked to me at lunch. I got in trouble several times because he talked to me in class. He was never called out, I was for answering him. At the time in the seventh grade I had hair half way down my back and it fell free. Once in a while my mother would have me wear a single long braid. The easier for him to pull my hair and he pretended that it was the reins of a horse and he walked me around like that during recess. The teachers never called him down on that, they told me to have more self respect and not let him treat me like that.

    On day he got kicked in the nuts during soccer. He fell to the ground. As girls we were on the sidelines watching, that was our part of P.E., watching the boys play. He was on the ground and two of the girls pushed me onto the field to go to him and help him. I didn't know what to do, so all I did was kneel beside him and ask him if he was alright. I walked off the field with him, his arm around my shoulder. He asked me if girls felt anything if they were kicked down there.

    He didn't let the subject go and he asked me a thousand questions of what I felt down there, when I sat down, if I rode a bike, if I rode a horse, if I was kicked, if I was touched. He asked me if it was true that I wiped every time I went to pee. He asked me to let him touch me. He had never touched a girl. He put my hand in his lap and made me touch him. One afternoon, he came over to my house. We lived three blocks apart. My mother was out and he came into the house.

    He wanted to see me down there really bad and asked me over and over again to show him, he wanted to see how a girl looked down there. I told him there was nothing to see and pulled my shorts and underwear back and let him look down my shorts. He looked for a long time, standing there letting him look made me feel funny and I asked him to let me look. I saw his penis and I put my hand in his pants and touched and held his penis.

    I let him put his hands in my pants and he used his fingers to explore. He opened his pants and pushed them down and let me hold and handle his penis. It wasn't long until his penis was hard. It got really hard and he told me to hold it really hard and not to let go. He pushed my pants down and I fell on the floor and he got between my legs and soon he had his penis inside of me and he didn't get off until after he had ejaculated. We were kids, we didn't know any better, we were just taken over by the moment.

    It was that one time. Months later, when my mother had it in her head to talk to me about the birds and the bees, I told her that I had already done it. I ended up with a whole lot of new rules. And those rules included not being able to see him alone. We still held hands, even though my mother cringed, I sat right next to him on the couch when he came to see me. Like the whole couch was there and I was sitting almost on top of him. When my mother started to offer him something to eat or drink I got very jealous and jumped up to go get him what he wanted. It was a strange time. I often wonder what my mother was thinking knowing that boy had sex with me on the living room floor.

    Dating was a problem. Everyone else was single dating, boys coming by in their mother's car to take you to the mall, or to the movies, or to the Dairy Queen. My mother bit her lip and let me go, alone. She shouldn't have worried so much. We necked and petted and went to third base all the time, but we never went back to home base until we were seniors. Then we went to home base all the time.

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