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    Straight Female / 28

    I started fucking this beautiful half Indian boy who was 18 when I was only 13. I was physically mature, already my D cups were in full bloom, full hair between my legs, I was smoking when out of my moms site, and was trying to be oh so mature and older than I was. It was at a party when Mehi made his move, I had crushed on him since I was 11 years old and I finally had my chance. I let kiss me and feel me all over in front of everyone at the party, even reaching under my dress, clearly massaging my pussy. I was the envy of several of the other girls, all older than me. He took me into a bedroom and we had sex. It was only after having sex about 10 more times that he found out my age. He said he thought I was at least 17, probably 18. After that I could only coax him to sex via blowjobs, and then only another 5 or 6 times before he stopped due to my age - Jailbait he called it, and I was. In the meantime a 13 year old neighbor boy I'd grown up with said he would tell my mom I was having sex and smoking and giving BJ's if I didn't let him fuck me. So I gave into the blackmail, and let this tiny cock inside me for all of about 3 minutes before he shot all over my belly. After a month or two he shot inside me enough and got me pregnant. I had to tell my mom. I had an abortion which she insisted on. From 13 till 28 I managed to keep several guys from fucking my ass, many wanted it and I must admit I still even have a very shapely ass. The doctors fingers hurt when put in there, I don't need a large cock pounding me hard in my ass.

    A couple of weeks ago, my boyfriend took me to NYC for a few days. He had to stay for business while I prepared to leave and go back home. On my last morning, I was on top of him riding his cock and having my third orgasm. "That's number 3 for you, don't I deserve something special for that?" he asked. With that he slipped his cock out of me and held it at the entrance to my asshole. I again said no as I've said to him over the past 5 months we've been fucking. He insisted, and was guilting me on it. My pussy felt so good and he was lightly running his fingertips on the underside of my boobs, I just gave in. I figure I was 28 and he promised not to hurt me.

    I laid on my belly on the bed with my legs closed, he lubed my ass with my juices, and put his legs on the outside of mine and aimed his cock. Lying on top of me while he pushed in he was kissing and licking on my ears which he knows sends me over the top. His one had guiding his cock the other rubbing on my clitoris. It did little good once the head was inside me, I was in pain but I held it in. He took it slow (I almost wished he'd just plowed in and fuck me fast and got it over with). When fully in he did stop and let me get used to it a bit. He started fucking me in long slow strokes. Danny isn't huge, but he is about 1 and 1/2 inches thick and 8 inches long. Every stroke hurt, less each time, but it was unpleasant. After about 10 minutes I started whispering "Fuck me, Fuck me" I don't like dirty talk and he knows it, but he got excited and started a little faster. "Where? Where am I fucking you" he asked. I replied "fuck me, fuck me in my ass, fuck my ass baby, fuck my ass, fuck my virgin ass"
    he started pounding away I kept repeating for him to fuck me in my virgin ass. He shot what had to be his biggest load ever inside my asshole. With that he slipped it out, rolled me over and kissed me, rolled me back over, spread my ass to look at it, and gave me a smack on my ass like I was some whore or something.

    I left that morning after he had to go to work, he was staying for another week. On the way home on the plane I met a married guy coming into town for business, who bought me a few drinks. I felt I'd been treated like a common whore by Danny, he took my anal virginity, something I hadn't let anyone do in 15 years of fucking and he spreads me open to look at what he did, and pats me on my ass????? I felt like a used up whore, so I acted like one. I let the married guy from the plane take me to my apartment and for several days let him fuck me and cum in me. When Danny got back I greeted him in a see through nightie as my roommate was not in the house. When he pushed me into my bedroom we didn't close the door, I sat down on the edge of the bed lifted the nightie and pushed his face into my pussy. He pulled back with the first insertion of his tongue when he tasted the other guys sperm. He looked up at me - "You treated me like a whore, and made me talk like a whore, and take it up my ass like a whore. So . . . I acted like a whore. I've been getting fucked by some married guy that I don't even give a shit about for the last 6 days. He left his last load of cum in me about 40 minutes ago. How do you like it now?"

    He stood up and walked out calling me a whore and I told him he is the one who made me into one. He came back three days later, we talked and I told him how much it hurt me physically, he was hurt mentally and I wanted to do that to him because of the way he treated me and made me feel. Two days later now and I have his cum in my butt again. Not going to fuck anyone else though, just him when he gets back from his game.

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    Did married guy get anal too?
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    MAKE HIM MARRY YOU.THAT;S THE REAL TEST Let's see if he is faithful or still using you as a whore.
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    just learn to like it in the ass! Be a whore! Yeah baby!

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