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    Bi-Sexual Male / 25

    My parents were never home. It was always me (16) and my younger sister (15) who were always left by our selfs.

    My sister and would always wrestle but she was always more powerful than me. The constant embarrassment of being pinned by my younger sister made her grow a bit of an ego on her.

    One day out of intimidation, she forced me to be her sex slave. She made me into her sex slave.

    She would constantly r**e me. Force me in her bedroom, she would then tell me to remove my shoes and socks. She never allowed me to wear any types of shoes because she had a weird love for my feet to be shown and my nails painted red. Next bending me over her bed. Sticking her fingers inside of me with one hand and jerking me off with the other. I could only refer to her as Mistress Sis because she found it to be cute. At first I was so scared of her making me her slave, but over time I grew more and more in love with the idea. Licking her c**t when demanded, putting on her clothes, painting my nails, having my nipples and penis pinched and my balls completely owned by Mistress Sis.

    One day she comes home with a very effeminate pink dress and what comes next actually made me cry. It was a 10 inch strap-on dildo she stole from the next store over. I begged Mistress Sis that this was too much. She grabbed my balls and said "you only speak when spoken too". She then smacked my ass as hard as she could. Taunting me she teased my ass by hot dogging the rim, making me beg for Mistress Sis's little Sister cock. "You are so pathetic, letting your little sister make you her bitch". What was about 3 hours of Mistress Sis's discipline, left me in a cum puddle above the foot of her bed.

    For the rest of the night, I was to be used as Mistress Sis's personal foot stool. Any movement and she would pinch my penis with her feet.

    The next morning, she demanded me to go in the shopping bag for her second set of clothing. A maids dress. She demanded breakfast as usual and for her feet to be rubbed. As well as forcing my cock to be exposed. She reminded me the whole time that her new cock was far bigger than mine.

    This went on for a couple more years in our parents house. Until the day I moved out. My parents had the bright idea of getting both of us out of the house by agreeing with my sister to let her be my roommate. I had no choice.

    And to this day, I belong to Mistress Sis. She even bought a new leash for me. Thank God we haven't been taken for a walk yet.

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    Yeah. That never happened.

    I appreciate that you have submission fetish and to be a sissy, but you are fucked up between your ears if you think people would believe your story to be true.

    Fetishes are not "born" by someone forcing teenager to do something. That is your main problem with this story.

    Those people who are traumatized by some abusive person, are so fucked up that they either gratify it and continue doing same thing to other people. It would mean that you should abuse someone else. Or if abused people do not get fucked up, they somehow want to escape from that position and get the abuser behind the bars.

    You however, try to convince people that you got submissive fetish just because your sister made you be her footstool. Fuck off.

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