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    Straight Female / 34

    I think I had my first orgasm at 21 and it wasn't much of one at that. My then boyfriend (now husband) had just finished fucking me between classes in his dorm room and had filled a condom. He pulled out and started rubbing my shaved pussy with his free and lubed fingers. I came but it was a small one at best.

    Somewhere around 25-26 he figured out if he fucked me hard he could make me cum. He was much better shape after college so he could do it about 60% of the time with me on top. I still love that.

    At 28 we went through a brief period of my using a vibrator while I sucked him and I would cum. I loved the feeling of his cock in my mouth while I vibed it out on my knees and would gasp and moan on it while I sucked. He would gently stroke my neck and ear, that is really what sent me over the edge I think.

    At 30 he would encourage me to vibe while he rubbed my pussy and finger me. He found my Gspot; I would cum hard and climb the walls and it felt like I had to pee. I never squirted but I think I could have.

    Now at 34 he has figured out that if, when I start to cum, he uses his whole hand to cover and move my pussy it drives me crazy. I love it, it's my favorite thing. Then he fucks me on my sex pillow from behind or wothe on top. If he's rough I'll cum all over again, usually about 80% of the time. He has to be rough with me but he likes it.

    I don't masturbate alone. I've never liked it. He wants me to do it all the time, thinks it will help me and make me want it more often. I just don't feel anything special without his touch and really don't want to do it at all if I can't have his cock in my mouth and pussy afterwards. I think there's something wrong with me, but that's just how I like it.

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    try a womanizer vibe. read the reviews on adam and eve site.

    ive known 3 or 4 women who said what you did. now they get off all the time with the womanizer.

    yes weird name, but it works.

    you can thank me later... lol

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