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    Straight Female / 26

    When I was fifteen going into my sixteenth year and then again only once when I was seventeen, I sucked on my drunken daddies cock. In total I sucked on his dick on eighteen separate occasions, making him cum the last six times in my mouth and swallowing his gorgeous tasting seed.
    Each time he'd been drinking heavily and each time he was asleep on the couch he often crashed out on. My mom wasn't with us then as she'd left us to be with another man, and it was that I belive is why he drank so much back then.
    Throughout all the times I sucked on his awesome cock, I never once believed him to be awake, even when on the last few occasions he'd kind of hump my mouth.
    Last month however at my wedding, he approached me outside during our reception and said "I hope you and ****** have a good life together. Here's a start for you". (He passed me an envelope) and then said "Oh and by the way, if you suck his dick as good as you did mine, you'll be fine".
    I swear I'd never been so embarrassed in all my life. I later learned he'd awoken the last six times, yet didn't want to stop me or make me feel bad.
    The thing is, now I know he was awake during some of my cock sucking attemps, I've begun to think of nothing but his beautiful cock. Like I say I haven't touched him sexually since I was seventeen, and now I'm married to a wonderful man. But and I know this deep within myself, if he wanted me to, I'd suck his cock again tomorrow, and possibly more.

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    Congratulations for getting a good husband and no need to feel embarrassed anymore since both you and your Daddy enjoyed this interesting activity and you are ready even today.Is he too willing?
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    Wow, no need to be embarassed. He enjoyed it and so did you. What an awesome daughter you are!
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    There are plenty of dads and daughters who have sex. Thanks to the web and the ability to be honest (without identifying ourseves) this truth is well know and practiced. The most erotic, intense sex of my life was with a dad and his 19 yo daughter. I was there first 3 way and the biggest dick she had ever taken(she fucked other guys alone). I had her second and she was doggy on the foot of the bed. I stood on the floor with my big ole Italian sausage woorking her sloppy used pussy while her dad knelt on her left side while watcing me long dick his moaning daughter. When she thanked him for finding her a big dick, he stoked his cock a time...shot and his cum hit the mirror on the dresser 6 feet away.
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    Your a good daughter giving your daddy comfort but was the comfort for you or him I know it was for you because you thought he was asleep some girls are cock suckers I am one as well I don't know what it is but when I see a dick I just have to take it in my mouth and swallow, I've sucked my brothers cock and had thoughts about my dads but never had the courage I know he would let me because my younger sister is sucking him at least twice a week may be even my brother as well, I think you should visit him at least once a week
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    Of course the could have been drinking that much for want of his cock sucking little girl. Everyone could be prone to conditioning.
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    He still wants you. He let you go to go with your husband, and he didn't want to push you into anything you wouldn't want to. That was his last try to get somekind of an reaction or even answer from you. He have made a peace about it, but he wouldn't deny your suggestion.

    I know, because men who doesn't want something does not act like that. If he wouldn't like it, he wouldn't mention it. I know because my father, with whom I had sexual relationship, turned more cold to it and eventually wanted to quit it. Later he didn't mentioned anything about sex and he got awkward if there was for example something sexual on television. I didn't tease him or pushed it. I would had give anything to be able to get him to the mood, but he didn't want to. He might feel you don't want it, if he saw you getting embarrassed.

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