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    Straight Female / 33

    In one way or another my situation is not the first. I am a professional actress, on stage. I am 33 now. I don't have another job because I have a sponsor, who provides me with a house and a car and money and clothes and jewelry, he likes to buy me nice things. In return I pay attention to him when he calls. I've been pregnant twice and had abortions both times. As an actress I can't afford to be out with a pregnancy and there aren't any good parts for pregnant girls on stage. He has been my sponsor for ten years now.

    To my mother's boyfriend at the time, I was his sweetheart. Everyone knew that I slept with them but no one said anything. All of a sudden we got an air conditioner for the living room and one for the bedroom I shared with my mom. All of a sudden my mom got some nice clothes, and she had spending money. I got accepted to go to the Catholic school in Junior High. We told everyone that I had a scholarship, but I wasn't a good student at the time.

    I slept between them from the beginning, always the same way with my back and butt against him. He held my hips and humped me and a couple of times he slipped up. I slept in his arms. When it was time for him to get my mother, it was always on her back. He liked getting over her and having her suck him and he went down on her. They stripped totally naked. When he got on her to fuck, he fucked her pretty hard, she always made noises and begged him to make her feel good. I liked watching, and my mother would tell me how good it feels, just wait until I was grown up and I would now how good it feels. I watched and learned. I go to my memories of when I was a kid. With my mother and her boyfriend. It felt good too, being held against him when he slept after having sex with her. I won't say there wasn't a mistake with me once or twice, it happened, but he was my mother's boyfriend not mine.

    Well I am grown up. It feels really good. I love laying on my back and have him lower his dick to my mouth. The truth is that when I am sucking him like that I don't pay that much attention to what he is doing to me, we always fuck when he is about to lose it, he gets off real quick, I settle him down, then lay back and ask him to get on and make me feel good. The one thing is that when I am pleasing him I never play act. What he gets is the real me, I know how to just let go and let him fuck me. I learned to be naked from her, let him have everything, anyway he wants it. She told me many times that a man likes to look down at you when your naked, he isn't judging you he is fucking you.

    My mother never acted either, she was the real thing.

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    All I know is you made one absolutely factual statement at the end. A genuine Man wants to look down upon you when you're naked. Yes, not in judgement but to feel superior, in total control of you and to fuck you. If you don't orgasm when he is penetrating you, that's fine too due to his fucking you being primarily to release his continuous production of semen.

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