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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 21

    Don't know if I'm good enough a writer to do this but when I was turning 15, I had a coach that knocked me for a loop. I suspect it had to do with my age but his body drove me nearly insane. Sometimes he would wear cut-off denims instead of coach sweats and his faded crotch showed the perfect outline of his large, thick cock. I began masturbating all over the place, even in class, sitting in the back row, looking around, madly rubbing and fingering myself. He was muscular and his thighs and powerful, muscular ass was pure eye-candy.

    My imagination developed a dream sequence to help my wanking. He would find me in a dark corner of the gym and pull out his tool where I would engorge myself with it, taking his cock in my mouth, in my throat, anus and vagina, even between my little titties or rubbing on the crack of my ass cheeks. I had only seen come flowing in porn but I imagined him spurting on me like the porn cocks saw, where I was completely nude. I dreamed of his tongue all over my body, at my crotch until I came, repeatedly.

    He should have come a shot glass full, deep up my ass, in my vagina, and on my tittles on my hard nipples. I have large, long ones and imagined my nipples as hard as his cock would get. I, myself, have a nice ass and would look at it in the mirror imagining his cock sliding into my anus with him loving the feel of the pressure of my ass cheeks on it and he fucked me hard and deep.

    There's no recollection of how this period ended or when but it was so intense that, though the wild fire is now low, thinking of him, I still masturbate with a dildo I imagined is his size and the intense period was half a dozen years ago. I drive the dildo deep and fast into myself . I would still try to swallow his entire cock, complete with his balls, in my mouth and throat, today. He need not ask, just pull it out and I would spring to action. Holy shit, what a man. I wanted to have his body so badly but I daren't approach him. I could not dream of all of it being a reality.

    Are there any girls out there who went through this or am I just a weird, world singularity?

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