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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 26

    A great deal!

    We have an upscale hotel in my neighborhood and a fine, first class lounge. When I walked in for the first time, Ben, the lounge manager-bartender, took a fancy to me. We chatted a lot and he agreed to pimp me out to the richest guests. He wanted no money but he did want to fuck my asshole. He said he would use a condom and lube. He wanted to try it first and I was amazed because after no more than three strokes he started coming into his condom.

    Ben is heavy like a bear and with an ungodly large, hooked cock but with his condom and lube I can easily take his big, thick rod up my ass. His wife won't let him near her asshole so all for my good. He does not fuck me each time because of his job and inconvenience, but when he does, he shoots his load in under a minute's time. Sometimes I just bend over behind the bar and he quickly does me. I can readily tell when he is coming. He moans under his breath when there is someone in the room. He then slides it smoothly out of me. I never think of its size unless I see it and I try not to.

    In truth, I enjoy the butt-fuck but will not tell him. He's even done me with guests at tables at the other side of the large room. He is good at pimping me and I'm making lots of money, so much I quit my book-keeping job. I make more on a good night than I did for one week as an accountant. I've gotten known and now have a good number of repeat customers.

    My clients take me up to their rooms and get what they pay for. I demand they shower first. Unless I know them, and things about their lives, they must use condoms. Only well known repeaters get to fuck me without one. One or two want to pay me for inclusion of their wives into a threesome. I'm thinking about it. If I see a photo and like what I see I think I will add that to my menu. Back in school one of my fellow cheerleaders used to eat me like crazy and I loved it.

    All this might not last but right now, a great deal.

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