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    Bi-Sexual Male / 45

    46, divorced man and Truth be told, I am a discrete cock craving slut. From Missoula Montana, I love feeling a mans hands on my head guiding me as eagerly devour his cock. I lust for having my mouth used. I have literally begged for a guy to come to my home and find me in my bed to demand I give him head. It's a rush like nothing I have known especially if he is verbal and likes to talk calling slut or whatever Its great to be told what what feels good and how to improve. Increasingly I have had insanely heated moments where I crave having a cock insode of me. I mean I want it bad. I can't stop thinking of having a cock enter my tight ass as I lay on a bed with my ass lifted up by some pilllows. I can feel the head pushing, the hands on me, my back arching pushing back. I can see myself on my back legs in air.

    I sucked me first cock when I was 18 and discretely enjoyed my neighbor as well as some of his friends for a while but did not tell my friends. As time went I got married and started to travel for work. This led to a few drunken horny nights which led to... desiredpleasure. At y***o.

    Thanks for,letting me share and I will update from time to time.

    I forgot to let you know that in an hour or so I man I have emailed a little is coming over who I may have met before at my work. He wants me in bed, wearing my ex wife's panties. I was told i should expect to suck his cock right away but something more. He wants to rim me and gently ready for his cock. I will loose my cherry tonight.

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    You are a lucky little girl today. I hope your ass loves his cock and the more you get into it the more men love it. I love men too.
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    Man I know how you feel! I am a cock craving, sperm eating closet homo myself. I mostly have had sex with very close friends, relatives (cousins), or co-workers. I occasionally like a hard cock up my ass but will suck a cock and swallow the cum any time one of them gives me the chance. One gut I work with spends every night when we a working out of time in my bed 69ing of with his cock slowly fucking me until he cums. I love women but I need sex with men!
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    I love it when my lover gets me on my back and I give him head and his precum is so sweet, then he gets my legs up and over my shoulders and then slowly passionately makes love then slams it hard then feel his love juice deep inside me as his 10 inch love muscle slides out I squeeze it and he gets hard again then fills me up with the hot love juice

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