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    Straight Female / 28

    I've been living with my step mother and her two sons since I was 6 years old. Only thing I knew was that my real mother had died from cancer and my father had married her. I was 10 when he devorced her and left me with her and her two sons. Always felt treated like excess baggage compared to her sons that could never do anything rong. Things change for the worst when I got older. I remember her going out with men telling her sons to keep an eye on me and showing up in the mourning. I was sudently spendings nights in the care of her 18 and 19 year old sons and felt like they were not looking at me like their little step sister anymore. Always looking up my skirt and jokingly squezing my tits telling me I was shaping up nicely never thinking they would both lure me into sex. I remember them forcing my clothes off spreading my legs and asking me if I liked getting my pussy eaten out. Keep still or we are going to tell mom yuo've been mastubating in the bathroom. I couldn't figure out how they found out but it was true. I had been doing it since I was 14 thinking that no one would know. Horrified about my secret being reavieled I just laid there letting them have their way with me. I remember him sucking my pussy all the way down to my butt hole and sticking two fingers inside me and surredering every inch of my body to the extreem pleasure of my body. It was rong but pleasure overrides the shame and you just can't stop wanting more. I never knew if my step mother supected what was going on the whole time she was out fucking some guy. But if she did she din't care. It wasn't like it happed just one time. Every time she went out her sons were back fucking me and sticking their dicks in my mouth. It went on for years.

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