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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 34

    When I was 14 I liked to spend weekends with my older sister. She was ten years older than me and had her own apartment. It felt good to have freedom at at her place. I would occasionally sneak some shots of her liquor while she was gone.

    I didn't really learn about the reputation my sis had until I spent those weekends there. She would go out every weekend and bring the party home. Sometimes lots of people, sometimes a little bit. I knew most her girlfriends. The guys were mostly strangers to me. They were all friendly to me so nothing seemed strange.

    One night they were drinking heavily. She only brought a few home that night. One guy she was kinda seeing regularly and her girlfriend. I had snuck my shots in and was feeling good. So good I got sleepy. I tell them I'm going to lay down and I get to my room and fall asleep.

    After maybe an hour I wake up and need to pee bad. I walk into the living room and see my sis getting fucked while her friend is sitting next to them. Her friend sees me and I run back my room and pretend I'm sleeping. I hear someone go into the other bedroom. I know it's my sis and her friend when she starts moaning again.

    I thought all three had gone into the other room. I was laying in bed and felt embarrassed since I thought I knew for sure they seen me. To my surprise the door opens and my sis's friend walks in slowly. She walks to my bed and whispers are you awake. I say yes and she wants me to lay by me. So I let her.

    She tells me She saw me watching my sis and ask if I like what I seen. I tell her yes. Then she ask if I ever had sex before. I tell her no. She curls up closer to me and kisses me then I feel her hand go down in my shorts and grab my dick. It only takes a few tugs on it to make me cum in her hand. She ask me if I came and I told her yes. Then she said she wanted me to cum in her. She lay by me rubbing my soft dick. I never felt so good until I felt her mouth start sucking on my dick. After I was hard again she slid her panties off and sat on my dick. She bounced on me hard and fast. I didn't think I could handle it. I nearly came fast again but she slowed down. She grinded on me slow telling me I'm too young and we shouldn't be doing this. I told her it was too late to stop and I wouldn't tell. She went faster saying you're not gonna tell over and over and I said no over and over. She was bouncing so fast I told her I'm about to cum. She tells me I'm a good boy and to cum in her. I start to cum then she starts to cum. She shakes wildly on top of me then falls forward on me. Then she looks at me and says we shouldn't have done that. She gets up and walks out fast.

    It happened like that for a while. We'd fuck then she'd feel guilty. But we always did it again.

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