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    Straight Female / 43

    My son, Marcus, got married to his high school sweetheart a few weeks after graduating. I didn’t like her at all, but was happy for my son. By the end of summer he was in the Army for the next four years. While deployed, his wife had a couple of affairs. This was toward the end of his commitment and decided to leave the Army. For the next year and a half, they tried to work out the relationship, but his wife was not faithful. Marcus moved back in with me shortly after.

    He immediately began going to the bars and fell in love only a few weeks after being home. I was concerned and spoke with my ex sister in law, Rhonda about the situation with Marcus. Rhonda is about three years younger than me and would babysit Marcus after he was born. She spent a lot of time with Marcus as he grew up and the two were very close.

    Rhonda sat down with Marcus and talked to him. He stopped seeing that girl and soon found another that he fell in love with. Rhonda spoke to him again. It happened one more time then all of the sudden, Marcus wasn’t worried about falling in love immediately. I spoke with Rhonda to see what she did, but she just said she is taking care of it. I was happy.

    Over the next six months, I would hear that Rhonda was at our house regularly. I have a friend who lives near Rhonda and asked her if she saw Marcus over there. Soon I was finding out they were together a lot. It seemed strange and when I asked both Rhonda and Marcus separately, they just said they were talking. It seemed legitimate, but I had a funny feeling. I wanted to set up a camera in the house, but Marcus would see it, so instead, I had a friend call me when Rhonda was at the house. I left work and parked at a neighbors house and walked to the back door of the house and walked in. I heard noises from the bedroom and walked in to find what I thought I would find, Marcus and Rhonda having sex.

    The three of us sat down and talked. Rhonda said that Marcus just needed a fuck buddy that he wouldn’t get into a relationship with. It was curbing his desires and he was able to date women without wanting to get married immediately. I was happy for that, but told them it was wrong. I did tell them I wouldn’t stop them either.

    They must have thought that was their green light because they have sex all of the time when I am home. I have heard every detail of their sexual relationship.

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    Why not join them if you have the time and inclination? Even with only the two of them,if there is mutual consent and both being adults,Incest is fine.Let no one know about it.
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    Exatly what I was wondering too. Why not join them? You already can hear them and you also know all the details of it. All of you would have fun and there is no need to deny it, all of you would enjoy it. Don't you like sex?

    I don't get this one thing. You were controlling him way too much.Why it was suppose to be wrong what they do? To me, it sounds you see problem where there is no problem, Relax. They are not doing anything wrong and they are not causing any harm. I get you were concerned if he drank too much, but with ladies, he is an adult man. He had been in army too and married once, and he was not the person who cheated. What you told about him sounds like he is a good guy. And he is an adult for christ sake! He can have sex with anyone he likes, even if it is your sister in law, or even you.

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    #1 got it wrong.He/she identified the person he is drilling to be your sister.

    Anyway,nothing wrong.Perfect if you join them if you feel so inclined.If mutually agreed upon and without any adverse consequences ,there is nothing wrong in this world. I do not condone or condemn Incest but here is your chance to keep him "happy at home" ,till he finds someone his age and even after you can both provide him the variety without letting his new wife know.
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    Let us know when you jump in the bed when they are frolicking.

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